Research the Most Important Aspect of Any Science Essay

Research is the most important aspect of any science. Research refers to the organized, structured, and purposeful attempt to gain knowledge about a suspected relationship (AllPsych Online, n. d. ). There are two types of research methods, action research and traditional scientific. Each method is unique and I will discuss the similarities and differences of both. I will also describe the role of a researcher in both methods. Action research method is regarded as research that is carried out by practitioners in their field of work.

This allows the researcher to look at a specific problem that exists in practice. The goal is to improve a particular situation where they work. Action research is aimed at a specific problem which is recognized in practice, and of which the outcome is immediate applicable in practice. Traditional research methods try to describe, predict and control the area that is under investigation. Traditional research is conducted by profession researchers in controlled environments. The methods that are normally used are quantitative and the goal is for the outcome of the research to be later used in larger population.

Action research unlike traditional research is based on the proposition that generalized solutions may not fit particular contexts or groups of people and that the purpose of inquiry is to find an appropriate solution for the particular dynamics at work in a local situation (Stringer,2007, p. 5). On the other hand, traditional research takes steps to support a theory or hypothesis along with actual data. It will identify a problem, determine the reason why the problem exits, collect and analyze data, formulate conclusion and apply the conclusion to the original hypothesis (AllPsych Online, n. . ).

Traditional research will take steps in assigning groups to partake in the research. The researchers in both action and traditional scientific methods have different roles. In action research the role of the researcher is not of an expert who does research, but that of a resource person (Stringer, 2007, p. 24). Researchers in action research are more self-reflective, collaborate, and work towards finding effective solutions to problems. They are more hands-on. The roles of researchers in a traditional scientific ethod are more detached. They are separated by the objects to which they study. Everything a traditional scientific researcher does is to study the outcome of a prediction and to have the work be replicated. There is no contact or partaking in the solutions, but to just measure and collect data to analyze.


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