Resolving Human Rights Violations Essay

Thematic Essay History has shown that there has been many examples where people of various regions and nations have been violated on several occasions. In result, efforts by individuals, groups and governments have been made in order to resolve these human rights violations. And although these attempts were positive, the outcome may have not always been successful. Recorded in history, the Holocaust is among the most conspicuous and analytical violations Of human rights.

In the Holocaust, Jews were treated poorly and weren’t given an opportunity to voice their opinion under any resistance. Due to the fact that the Nazis favored no other race but themselves, it made it even worse for the Jews. The Nazis would discriminate against the Jew, abuse them, and use all sorts of violence to keep control of them. And for the simple fact that the Nazis hated democracy, the Jews had no chance at having a say in the government. The Nazis practically violated the Jews’ top three human rights; that everyone should have, regardless, which were the right to life, liberty and property.

It eventually came to a point where Jews were nothing to the Nazis, and they cared more if they were dead Han alive, because according to them, Jews weren’t worthy of anything. Another point in history where human rights were violated were the Ukrainians under Joseph Stalin’s communist regime. He was the leader of the Soviet Union and his main goal was to destroy the people of the Ukraine who dared to seek independence from his rule. Stalin treated the Ukrainians horribly.

Much like the Nazis with the Jews, Stalin executed the Ukrainians without reason. He set out a 5- year plan that would consist of taking private land away from farmers and moving them to huge government based, collective farms. He wanted full control of the Ukrainians and Russia, and those of who disagreed or resisted were killed with no more remorse. Under the dictatorship of Stalin, Ukrainians were desperate to escape his rule. In result, many were deported to prison camps and as known, others were murdered.

In order accommodate the human rights violation in Nazi Germany, the Jews felt the need to rebel. So as a result of harsh treatment from the Nazis, the Jews started an uprising in the ghetto. The uprising in the ghetto was the biggest mutiny by the Jews. In the streets of the ghetto, hundreds of Jews fought Germans. In disagreement with the Germans, thousands offset refused to obey orders. In the end, the Jews were either beaten to death, shot, or forced out as the Nazis categorized the ghetto.

And although the Jews expected great defeat, they continued to fight dauntlessly and fiercely. Overall, human rights have been violated on many occasions at many different costs. Where people of various nations and regions have not received justice in result to these transgressions. But it is accurate that efforts have been given by the government, group or individual to resolve the issue, and although it wasn’t guaranteed to be successful, the people still tried.