Respond to an article Essay


            First off, I want to say that I really agree with how the author sees the concept of Tragedy of the Commons. It is a greed-based problem that has been predicted and observed my philosophers, sociologists, and economists alike. The availability of a resource doesn’t end with man’s satisfaction because he’s free to use or consume the said resource. He would always find a way exploit it in order to have an edge over other people who need it just like him. Indeed one or a few may benefit from the said resource, but because of exploitation, the balance is disrupted. Instead of allowing the resource to renew by itself, it is consumed to near-depletion. We can see this in every aspect of our environment: our trees, fossil fuels, even clean water gets exploited

            What I don’t agree with the author is that he thinks that the solution for this problem is “awareness that these problems are present” and a weak call for action. For me, I think that we’re past the realization stage, wherein we’ll just have to realize that were in a bad situation and somehow we’ll find a way to solve it. We are way over that phase, and if we continue to just “spread the word and make everyone aware,” we will hardly achieve anything. Now is the time for a concrete action. The government plays a very important role on this phase. Environmental care and concern could be made obligatory, especially for those who have really made a lot of money from it. Companies that rely on the environment for their activities are partly to be blamed for its current state. Again we go back to the tragedy of the commons: these companies were the ones who hoarded up most of the available resource, so they should be charged with renewing or protecting what’s left with the environment. It shouldn’t be just a nudge or a pat on the back, but a push for action if we really intend to see good results.

            As the time passed, the situation of the environment worsened. More and more resources have fallen under the spell of the tragedy of the commons. Mere words cant bring back life to the sea or the forests. Instead, we need concrete action: plant more trees, let fishes grow, develop new techniques to sustain wildlife in our environment. There are a lot of things that we can do, if only we’ll try to do so. There is still hope for man and the environment, but we need to act fast before it’s too late.