Response Essay

Response Essay

In the “Serious Play” Michael Schrage discusses benefits and advantages of using models and prototypes in stimulating acceleration and technological advances. The key strength of the book is that the author embraces both the simplest and the most complex models stressing the effect the have on innovation process. The key argument is that innovation process should be on a par with prototyping and models as innovation is considered to be social rather than personal. Of course, the book significantly contributes technological field as Schrage offers valuable recommendations and practices advice how to facilitate innovation. Prototypes are believed to be essential instruments for managing introspection. The author concludes that prototypes are necessary for encourage innovative questions because they are able to provide innovative answers. In such a way, models are prototypes are argued to oppose conventional thinking and team-building practice. The book is recommended for both reading and using as a practical guide. (Schrage, 1999)

In the “Art of Innovation: Success Through Innovation the IDEO Way” Tom Kelley discusses models and prototyping as shorthand of any innovative process. Prototyping are strongly associated with creative process so required by contemporary highly competitive business environment. Moreover, the author teaches how to boost morality, remain socially and environmentally responsible, to increase productivity and to satisfy customers. It is necessary to admit that Kelley reinforces the concept of prototyping and models discussed by Schrage in the “Serious Play”. Prototyping is viewed as the shorthand of innovation, and the author defends his position with direct observations and reconnaissance. Prototyping is discussed on the example of IDEO that has managed to realize that people are the greatest resource. Kelley promotes the idea to combine teamwork and brainstorming with honesty and fairness. Summing up, Kelley’s views on prototyping are practical, fresh and rather insightful, and they vividly illustrate how organization should work. (Kelley & Little, 2002)


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