Response Execution Essay

AbstractThis paper is on response execution in which it will discuss the incident management plan for a desert city during summer where temperatures can reach beyond 115 degrees during the day. The desert city has been subjected by extreme heat conditions and storms that have knocked out all electrical power for an entire 10 square mile grid and electricity is not expected to be fully restored for a minimum of 24 to 72 hours. A critical incident team should execute a comprehensive Incident Management Plan to deal with this emergency until resolved, ensuring that all resources are contacted, deployed, and efficiently utilized.IntroductionThe desert city is widely discussed in this paper citing the Balochistan model of disaster management which provides for the arrangement on comprehensive risk control .The aim is to minimize the effects of hazards to the local communities, the success of disaster risk management is gauged upon its ability to be recognised as a formidable tool for co coordinating effective pooling of risks and integrative utilization of resources for sustainable development planning. The desert city is faced by a great challenge of  damages and losses are all not exposed to the policy making agents of the city, the general public, relief workers, development professionals, and the information communication people.

The disaster is caused by the extreme conditions that prevail, there are damages caused by poor construction materials for settlements such as houses, structures, building, schools, hospitals and bridges. The government however seeks to give protection of its people, property, infrastructure, and material resources in order to reduce injury, loss of life, and damage to property resulting from any kind of disaster. This can only be done by deploying fire tenders, water browsers, fire fighting equipment, vehicle to and rescue vehicles in case of a disaster Balochistan (Baloch, 2006).Management PlanSince in a desert city during summer the temperatures can reach beyond 115 degrees during the day causing a lot of extreme heat conditions that knocks out all electrical power,  there is need for a management plans to help in dealing with this emergency until resolved. The management team should minimize the risks of hazards that are caused by extreme temperatures that are affecting the people in desert city during summer. The management team should ensure that the respond in the cases of events such as when the desert city is subjected to increased heat and supposed lack of government response.

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This can therefore ensure the avoidance of increased hostility from the public since this can lead to civil unrest such as looting, rioting and violence. The management plan will ensure that the increased heat and manpower needs that are placed by the public will be met. The management plan will ensure that the responders do not become exhausted, over-whelmed and unable to perform their functions under the current circumstances (Baloch, 2006).

The management plan ensures that there is an effective management of the emergency response of the incidence that occurs in the desert city. The incident management plan should prepare the responders in act immediately in the cases of the disaster and to also be equipped to ensure that the immediate response in emphasized. The management plan establishes procedures and policies for conducting the response of the incidences. The responders should warn the people in time to ensure that the public is ready for any disasters. The management plan ensures collaboration among the responders and ensures quick response in the cases of the incidents. The management plan should encourage exercises that ensure preparedness in the cases of the incidents such as drills.

The strategies that are used in the incident management plans should ensure that there is institutional development to establish the solutions of reducing disaster risks. The management plans should also establish assessment of the risks to know the frequency of the disasters strikes. The responders should also be trained and have the necessary knowledge to ensure effective response to the disasters. The instruments and the equipments that are needed for the response should also be put in place to ensure quick response. Lastly the management plan should ensure that the responders are prepared for their duties to ensure a quick response to the incidents (Baloch, 2006).The summer season in the city in the desert starts on June 21.

The festive series of monthly, informal social gatherings usually provides the perfect opportunity to meet and reconnect with friends and neighbors. The problem in the desert is an absolute disaster to health care, education and national security. The city contracts with other counties for a comprehensive law enforcement and fire safety emergency services.

The services to be given include state of the art emergency dispatch and emergency medical response, heavy rescue for structural collapse, swift water, and short haul from hard to reach areas, hazardous materials response and information education (New club house to offer diverse amenities, 2006, p.6).It is the responsibility of the authorities to prevent heat related illness and death in the desert. The public in the desert city are fed up with the maladies caused by the extreme heat. The people at the greatest risk are the infants, the young children and the people aged 65 years as well people experiencing mental illness. Elderly people are more prone to heat stress due to several reasons. The public have difficulties in adjusting to sudden changes in temperature and the chronic medical conditions that upset normal body responses to heat.

The prescribed medications to the people may impair the body’s ability to regulate the temperature or inhibit perspiration (New club house to offer diverse amenities, 2006, p.6).The common heat related illnesses are heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Heat stroke is found to be more serious and is a medical emergency. The best defense for the authorities in preventing heat related effects. This can be achieved through encouraging the people to drink more fluids regardless of the activity level. People should be educated not wait until is thirst. The public should not drink fluids that contain caffeine, alcohol or large amounts of sugar.

Remaining indoors during the hottest time of the day and stay in an air conditioned area is encouraged. The public should wear light weight, light colored and loose fitting clothing (New club house to offer diverse amenities, 2006, p.6).The authorities are required to address the situation as fast as possible since the increased heat in the desert has created an environment of increased public hostility. This is evidenced by the unrest behavior of the public where looting, rioting and violence occurs.  The authorities are required to use Piezoresistive materials to measure the acceleration, pressure, temperature and the force that has knocked out all electrical power. The obstacles large on linear temperature effects and the strain resistance are experienced (wall, 1966, p.

1-11).The efforts required by the authorities will involve higher and lower ranges with better response characteristics. The use of higher natural frequencies is necessary and greater sensitivities. Having a wider temperature envelopes and a greater overlapping capability should be put into consideration. The authorities should aim at extending the capability toward the greater sensitivity, viscous damping and improved over ranging capability.

Matching the capabilities of the piezoresistive strain gage sensor with a specific instrumentation is needed.  The ability to measure sustained accelerations as well as the superimposed shock or vibration spectra with a single transducer. The strategy to handle the situation can be done by facilitating more booking and increasing revenue for the city (wall, 1966, p.

1-11).External Design ConsiderationsReasons so as to why complete character-repression is not practical, is because most subversive conveniences are considered for the demeanour of every day actions while remaining associated to the infrastructure of the civilization for electrical power, water sewage, aeration schemes and communication scheme. Covering up the performance for the planned provision, apparatus, position from the settlement, can be best proficient by evading concentration throughout the creation phase and after throughout every day actions (Sepp, 2000, p.

12).The required advance is to hold fast to well intended dishonesty system which characteristically tries to diminish the chances of recognition by investigation protectorates. The object reproduction is an imperative attribute in the purpose of the capacity of dependency to perceive an entity.

Through appropriate sting schemes and pretence suppression, the reflectivity of all exterior situated maintenance apparatus, organizations, and projections. As hot air surfaces from air emits for subversive conveniences, dependencies can see this distinguishing autograph. Therefore, this may be detected as hot blemishes that extend on the earth’s surface over different divisions of the subversive services (Sepp, 2000, p.13).Ambient fevers of some parts of the subversive provision may make the temperatures higher in the surrounding parts on the ground close to emit, water pipes, tragedy way out and electrical conduits. Measures should be taken to protect elements of the services which are closest to the surface of the ground.

In order for thermal autographs of subversive conveniences, and cooler ambient air to be condensed profound undergrowth and thermal comprehensives will be suitable for the task (Sepp, 2000, p. 14).Living deserts are those which grow as they equilibrium the human anxieties. Lifeless or putrefying palm branches and non mercantile fruit can have a harmful consequence on the whole neighbourhood. In order to conform to municipality regulations requirements and ensure that the neighbourhood remains pest free and perfect, be sure to include palm tree conservation on summer home programme of preservation (New clubhouse to offer diverse amenities, 2006).Therefore, for proper design execution and evaluation, there are major characteristics which are preferred. There should be augmentation in understanding as there is lowering of complete magnitude assortment. This is due to the increase in the radius of rotation and quantity of the seismic accumulation and also by integrating new strain gauge which features smaller cross-section sections and increased gage aspect.

The secure scheme encloses the soggy liquid and is appropriate for the preservation of dependability of damping with time since it prevents escape (Wall, 1996, p.7).The strategic plan is required to be urbanized, geared up, coordinated and reputable in order to preserve efficient working relationships with the centralised state, administration government and the confidential proprietors that will tender support to the development of the plan. Assessments should be conducted for individual communities and develop prioritized list for the recommendation of mitigated projects. Analyzing and reviewing collected information together with developing strategies in order to address hazards in the nation. Therefore, there should be a long term investment and commitment in the protection of communities and from electrical hazards in the nation and should be based on the corporation and nationwide communication (Suenram & Fire Logistics Inc, 2007, pp.

10-159).ConclusionThis paper explicitly examines the challenges facing the desert city and the government’s effort to manage the disasters that come with extreme conditions .It is well established that people die annually from heat related illnesses, a greatest risk is infants and young children people of ages above 65 or older are vulnerable to mental illness. The occupants of the city are advised to stay indoors during the day, drink 2-4 glasses of cool non alcoholic fluids every hour to reduce the body water loss.

The people who experience the given symptoms like heat stroke, red hot dry skin, pulse, dizziness and nausea are advised to seek medical intervention. There are other measures employed by the government to control the adversities of the extreme weather conditions.ReferencesBaloch, K. B. (2006).

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