Response of Discussion Essay

Lung cancer happens to be one of the leading causes of death mostly among men. It is therefore necessary that proper precautions be taken concerning the disease. In addition, people are supposed to be fully aware of the disease and the reason why it is among the leading causes of death in the world. The author of this article provides some good information on the different types of lung cancer. In addition, he provides a proper breakdown of the parts that are affected when one is diagnosed of lung cancer.

Apart from these, the author of the article also provides some remedies that should be taken to prevent or rather to reduce the risks of contracting lung cancer. This information is crucial for our survival because some of the cases of lung cancer can be prevented. The article is also useful as it provides some of the treatment methods that are used to prevent lung cancer. This is very useful information to practically everyone as no one knows for sure whether he or she will get the cancer. (Lewis, S. et al, 2004)However, I found the article very scientific or rather presenting the facts in rather a very medical manner. It may therefore be very difficult for a layman to understand fully the information. However, with the help of a medical professional, the article may be of use and the information may be understandable.

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  This does not mean that the article is not useful, anyone can acquire cancer and therefore we should be properly informed of what to expect should we realize that we have the disease or we know a person with cancer. I can therefore say that the article is great and the information presented there is very helpful not only to the doctors but also to every person who comes across it.ReferenceLewis, S. et al. (2004). Medical Surgical Nursing: Assessment & Management of Clinical Problems.

Missouri: Mosby Publishers.