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Ann Garvin 17 Apr 09  11:40 PM MST

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In order to help out the principle at a local school, I will look in to how attendance of students throughout the year might correlate with their proficiency on the required state test.

IV-numbers of days absent in an academic year
DV-child’s score on the state test

Null Hypothesis- Absences have no affect on a child’s performance on the test
Alternative Hypothesis- The more absences a child has the lower his or her score will be on the state test.
Evaluating 25 of the students’ attendance records, n=25
alpha level .05. two tailed
critical region +-2.064
t stat-1.50

Gravetter, F. J., ; Wallnau, L. B. (2007). Statistics for the behavioral sciences (7th ed.). Stamford, CT: Wadsworth

Submitted on 04-17-09 10:37 PM PDT
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It is a good research question, however I have many doubts, and some of them are

1.      How you calculated value of t statistics?

2.      I am not able to figure out any sample data or summary of sample such as mean and sample variance. Only you have mentioned n = 25!

3.      What was population mean score that you have compared for obtaining t statistic?

4.      Your null and alternate hypotheses are more of association (correlation) hypotheses. Moreover, I do not think it is related to one sample t-test.


Wanda Hamilton