Response on self motivation Essay

Response on self motivationMariah            Mariah’s essential point is that without motivation, people tend to lack the will to do even the most basic things, meaning that they will need a lot of supervision if they are to do anything tangible. While this postulation is true, the post has not substantially touched on how deep the motivation should run in the school. I would say that motivation has to start from the school administration and trickle downward to the students.

It may be pointless to have teachers and students in a school motivated, but working with an administration that is not. On how self determination helps to spur motivation, Mariah is also right, only that she has not brought out the meaning of self motivation as robustly as I would.  If defined well, the role of self determination in encouraging motivation would be self explanatory, especially if one understands the nature of motivation.Nicola            Nicola’s post is equally comprehensive on the role played by motivation in classroom management. It gives the characteristics of a motivated student to the extent that even without being told how motivation will result in better classroom management, one can already infer from the characteristics. The post would have been made more complete if it also contained the same information about teacher motivation because for motivation to go full cycle, it has to involve both parties. On self determination, the post equally gives a substantive definition of self motivation and how it aids in instilling motivation.

All of it looks okay, only that the mention of rewards should be more inward. The student’s motivation must not be based on external rewards, rather, they should be motivated on account of them achieving certain objectives, most of which should be determined by them. Motivation based on external rewards is not long lasting.