Response Paper Essay

Response Paper

The site “Netting the Evidence” is a great resource for evidence based practice information. The site offers background information about evidence-based medicine, its implication and practices, future prospects and perspectives. In addition, you can find there information devoted to medical literature, literature search process, undertaking systematic reviews, meta-analysis, how to read medical journals and papers, etc. I think the site is valuable for anyone who is either going to practice evidence-based medicine or who is practicing it. Netting the Evidence is a well-developed, well-thought and well-organized guide to evidence-based medicine.  (Netting the Evidence, 2004)

Evidence-based medicine is defined as explicit use of current medical evidence with the best individual expertise. Of course, evidence-based medicine is not an easy practice as practitioner is expected not only to find necessary clinical evidence, but also to interpret and to apply it to particular case or patient. (What is EBM, 2009) Therefore, it is obvious that evidence-based medicine offers extensive or even life-long learning due to constant developments in medical technologies and treatment methods. We see that evidence-based medicine recommends avoiding traditional approaches to some clinical questions. The key problem is that lack of proper information prevents some clinicians from practicing evidence-based medicine even if they are enthusiastic about it. The lack of knowledge results inevitable in skepticism and distortion of reality. (Ferlie at al., 1999)

I think the positive trend is that raise of Internet and medical informatics raises public awareness of the benefits and opportunities offered by evidence-based medicine. Clinicians should always master skills and professional basing, and medical innovation is an excellent opportunity of self-growth and professional development. I found out that evidence-based medicine established the goal to abandon the idea that only one clinician should deal with one patient or medical case. (Getting Evidence, 1998)


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