Response Paper Essay

Response Paper

The article “Why Labor Matter: The Underside of the American Model” discusses the present state of labor conditions in the United States of America. For many centuries America has been one of the most powerful countries in the world as has been presented as superior to European countries. However, I see that labor problems are present everywhere and America is no exception. It is a matter of fact that American workers have failed to develop powerful unions, which are important for industrialized countries. Historical development, social and political policies, economics and finances – all these factors influence labor movement and prosperity of the country.

The author vividly portrays that American labor movement was forced to operate within powerful corporations, but weak states and unfair judicial systems. Therefore, a picture of American worker has vanished from the American social imagination. Labor movement is not static and nowadays it undergoes fitful re-invention and has all the makings to restore after the fifty years of complete failure. The author shows that labor movement tends to position itself as organizing and mobilizing movement against neo-liberal present.  The struggle of labor movement is crucial as it tries to provide changes within the labor system.

Actually, labor movement is viewed as the most important social development. Despite labor unions remain unfit and weak, they are potential social defense against neo-liberal future. The question is why in such powerful country labor movement fails to defend its rights. I think that such high unemployment rates disparage the country and the government should pay more attention to labor movement, labor conditions and descent labor. Americans believe they enjoy the highest living standards and are provided with better job opportunities than in other countries. Is it simply an artificially created picture or Americans fail to show their full potential?


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