Response paper done Essay

            The realization that in every facet of our lives there is a certain standard that we are following in one way or another and this is extremely connotes an impact to how we rule our existence in the realm that we are currently into. Perhaps, this goes with the same scenario that our religion plays an imperative task in molding our personalities and for that matter, our faith.

            It was deeply felt as we go through our subject matter what impact the Islamic beliefs and religion has brought the entire world. Its context was not just limited to a certain realm per se but mostly to the entire nation as it depicts a very remarkable description of what the people perceived on what really the religion of Islam was all about.

            In a certain family law where traditional Islam culture was deeply scrutinized, we could see how several norms and traditions are at hand. Standards as regards to marriage and level of age were also given a colossal attention. As I get enlightened by these platforms, it drives me to think beyond and look at things at a different level wherein I’m capable of weighing things which were more important and reasonable and that giving a huge priority on taking a great decision on issues of settling down and building a family. One of the great knowledge that I gain from tackling several issues in this course was the value of responsibility which in fact the very essence of Islam. On this note, it is essential to draw some line and think ahead as we make decisions in our lives for the reason that it will ultimately reflect the future that we are building.

            On another note, the perception towards the religion of Islam was quite eccentric because most of the people became very judgmental with the fact that Muslims only cause so many conundrums to the nation. They loose the grip towards acceptance that these people could actually be on the other way around and that not all Muslims are tragic as they perceived them.

            Given the fact that they became associated with matters of terrorisms and opposition as regards to certain ways of the realm, still we have to put in mind that it is not proper to quantify things on levels that our nation drives us. We should have our own views in life and think beyond our horizons. Indeed, some of the phenomenon which involves Muslims create a bit scratch to our minds as they became part of some tragic scenario but this alone would not be the reason to scrape all the good things that they embarked in our society. We should never forget that at some point, Islam thought us to stretch our views and widened our horizons having the strength that they possess as well as the positive attitude as they battle with the hardships of their lives having been exposed to several levels of disparities and criticisms.

            Personally, as I got to be exposed with every circumstance with regard to the religion of Islam, I’ve come to mull over the most important things in life – and that is to think beyond control and have a grip as to what we have as of the moment. Responsibility was the most essential part of learning the arena of Muslims. Believing that faith can drive us to another level of bliss as we became contented with what we have as well as the way on which we trust people around us.

            Regardless of our status in life and our social stability as well as our stand as regards to our religions, it is on top realization that all of us here on earth has an end purpose and has a ceiling point wherein everything boils down that we have faith and this ultimately guide us in whatever decisions we are bound to take in our precious lives, thus, this is extremely my greatest accomplishment in this entire course – realizing the facts of life.