Response Paper: policy making and environmental consideration Essay

Response Paper: policy making and environmental consideration

Government officials and diplomats responsible for formulating policies globally should take into consideration the aspect of the environment. The value of the environment should be placed on the production sector and the human welfare through implementation of policies that will ensure that the environment is safe from climate effects. The politicians and other diplomats are called upon to consider the lives of the future generations by initiating decisions which will deal with the issue of climatic change. The new regulations like that of the Kyoto protocol which was intended to cut on the amount greenhouse gases which were emitted in the atmosphere thus leading to the depletion of the ozone layer. The depletion of natural resources due to industrialization and civilization gave man control over the environment through mining and exploitation of other natural resources (Dalby, 48).

The policymakers should therefore be thinking of alternative such as solar water heaters, green building designs and photovoltaic cells sources so as to cut on the combustion of fossils which tend to induce climate changes posing threats to the environment. Hence attention should be channeled to other sources of energy instead of relying on petroleum alone and also invention of cars that uses less fuel so as to cut on emissions given that it is not possible to do away with petroleum and electricity even though they pose threats to future generations. In addition, the policymakers globally should frame the access to water as human right so that people who live in marginal zones will be able to get access to clean and safe water. Caution should be taken in order to deal with hazardous events like oil spill either in water or on lands given that it causes pollution which has the effect of promoting climate change. Thus, the issue of the BP oil spill should be handled as a national threat for it carries with it much harm on the environment and resources at large. Lastly, more emphasis should be laid on environmentalism in the global politics by focusing on the flows of energy and resources we use in the biosphere (Dalby, 65). The government should look for means of mitigating the concentration of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere given that it’s hard to deal away with the current economic systems. Politics in the globe should consider the future generations and come up with actions that will ensure that the environment is protected from depletion and pollution.

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