Response Paper to this Poem Essay

Response PaperThe poor dream riches. The hungry wish for food to eat. Ordinary employees aim for supervisory or managerial positions. An old man, if he can just turn back the time, may want to become young and strong again. A 7-year old child may have dreamt to explore the outer space after he watched a program about space exploration.

            Different kinds of people have different goals and dreams. Societal status, family orientation, educational background, gender, age, and personal and social motivations usually affect how an individual set his aspirations and wishes. However, it is a reality that setting goals comes with successes and failures. Some people may find it easy to achieve their targets, but others may need to go through rough roads to attain them.            While there are many factors that influence one’s decision to set a goal, one important thing a person should work on is to determine if what he aims for is just a dream or reality. With the modern technology that seems to make everything possible today, many people now can no longer discern the difference between what is feasible and impossible.

Dreams are only pleasant images and hopes unlikely ever to be realized. Hoping that five or ten years from now one can go outside the universe is being irrational. Even the most advanced inventions today has not yet taken an astronaut beyond the Milky Way galaxy; how much more outside the immeasurable universe.            Specific goals are what a person can achieve.

At work, employees are sometimes required to identify and write their short and long term goals. It will be used as a basis to check their performance in the future. One can set a time frame on how short or long he can possibly reach his goal. It is also imperative to have a clear vision for every goal. Meditation is needed to determine the ways to accomplish one’s objectives.Response Paper     2For every great human endeavor, there must be clear, specific goals and objectives (Tracy, 2002, p. 9).

These objectives will measure the success or failure in realizing the ambition of an individual.There are instances that a person has set the goal and worked hard but the outcome did not pay the efforts. Even with specific goals, some people fail because they aim what is beyond their capabilities and means, or simply because what they aspire is not really for them. It is not wrong to aspire for something outside one’s abilities; however, it should always be within the discipline of being reachable. This is where the challenge to improve one’s self comes in. If anyone aims for something not within his reach at that moment, he can always find ways to attain it in the future.

A poor person may aspire to become wealthy in just five years. It is possible through hard work. We have read so much success stories about a poor man who become rich. A child may want to become a doctor or a teacher when he grows up; it is attainable. A child, as he learns things, can find ways to realize his ambitions.This poem of Mahmoud Darwish simply gives the readers a clear picture of the realities of life.

As man walks his daily life, he will experience ups and downs, triumphs and failures. Failure sometimes wins over victory even if the person is persistent and has exhausted all his resources.Response Paper     3Tracy, B. (2002). Victory!: Applying the Proven Principles of Military Strategy to Achieve Success in Your Business and Personal Life. New York: Amacom