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The scene opens with Mrs Johnstone (played by Charlotte), stood alone, saying “I remember, remember the good and bad times”. The act then continues in an unreal, dreamlike and abstract way. Mrs Johnstone gives a locket to Eddie, as a ten year old, before he leaves to live in the countryside with his adoptive parents. It has a photograph of both Mrs Johnstone and her son Mickey together. Eddie believes it is for him to remember what Mickey looked like. Mrs Johnstone has given it to him so that he can recall his birth mother (herself) without knowing it. She closes the door and goes to sit down on the settee.

She realises there is no settee and sits on the floor accidentally, as the ‘Repo men’ have previously removed her furniture. She had not paid her bills. This small sad scene closes. Scene two opens with happier connotations as the Johnstones are moving house. Two children are trying to drag their bags across the pavement, but cannot move them. Mrs Johnstone picks up both bags and heaves them onto her shoulder. Mickey shouts “Come on Sammy, we’re going to be late. ” Sammy appears and they trundle offstage towards the railway station. In Scene three, Mickey (played by Adam) has now been released from prison and is taking anti-depressant drugs.

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He has tried to free himself of these. Mrs Johnstone enters the scene and tries to remove his pills. Mickey shouts “I need the pills” and snatches them back. This small scene draws to a close. Scene four is a flashback to happier times. Mrs Johnstone is peering from her window whilst the children play football outside in the street. Happy sounds come from the street, she smiles and says “My children. ” The final scene is the death of both Mickey (played by Adam) and Eddie (played by Simon). The boys are on stage by themselves. Mickey points the gun at Eddie. A loud heartbeat noise can be heard.

Mrs Johnstone and the police enter the scene. She shouts, “NO, that’s your brother. ” The police aim at Mickey and kill him as he shoots Eddie. Both boys fall to the ground in slow motion. The frantic Mother is held back by imaginary police while she is screaming and crying. The pace of the heartbeat slows down as both boys hit the ground. Their heads hit the ground and the heart beat stops. The scene draws to a close. Mrs Johnstone appears and says “it seems very vivid, almost like a dream to me, both boys were born on the same day and died on the same day at nearly the same time. It seems like a dream to me, just a dream.

In conclusion to this small section of the Development phase I feel that it was shown to be ‘dreamy’ but realistic at the same time. Mrs Johnstone appears as the person who ‘forwards’ the dream and brings it to life. She seems to be both happy and sad in certain areas of the play. Overall I feel that we tried to use movement, pace, levels, sound, tempo and mainly we tried to draw a climax throughout the play, starting with a happy memory and finishing with a sad one. EVALUATING ANOTHER MEMBER OF THE GROUPS WORK During our exam we were instructed to evaluate another persons work within our drama group.

I have chosen the group of Daniel Taylor, Jenny, Amy Edmonson, and Charlotte Garside. This act is basically meant to be a dream. Similar to my groups acts seen above. The act begins with Jenny being the Mother in the dream who is actually Mrs Johnstone. She is woken up by the Ghost of the past. The ghost of the past is Amy, she shows Mrs Johnstone the past of her life. The past is where all of her boys are playing Cowboys and Indians. Everything is really friendly and a happy atmospheric feeling is felt around the room. Mrs Johnstone smiles and then notices that Eddie and Linda getting very friendly. She realises this but can not stop it.

She looks to be thinking why she did not notice this before. Mickey reads a poem about the past. Danny plays Mickey in this act. I think this first small scene shows relevance to the text and picks up on where Mrs Johnstone went wrong in her life. The Ghost of the past takes Mrs Johnstone back to bed and a few moments later the Ghost of the Present wakes her up. The Ghost of the present who is played by Charlotte shows Mrs Johnstone Mickey’s family. Linda and Mickey are stood smiling, both holding the baby together. This act seems almost unreal and very artificial, almost like a smile is painted onto their faces.

Following this a funeral is present where Eddie and Mickey are buried after a shooting. Mrs Johnstone tries to stop the shooting over Linda and is pulled back by the ghost of the present telling her it is no good you can stop nothing then or now. I think that this small scene is vital to the play because it shows a few clips of how she could have been a better mother. Mrs Johnstone is noticed here to look like she has nothing left and seems very depressed. The ghost of the present takes Mrs Johnstone back to bed and she falls back to sleep. Moments later she is woken once again by the ghost of the future who is played by Danny.

The ghost of the future tells her to come with him as there is something she should see. The pace has slowed and the sound has also decreased in volume. An image can be seen of Amy who is portraying Mrs Johnstone repeating herself. She says “I am such a bad mother. ” She tips more pills into her mouth and repeats her words again. She repeats this motion several times. The real Mrs Johnstone breaks down and repeats her words. Suddenly she looks up and says “this is the future. ” The play carries on and when she looks back the environment has now shifted to a graveyard where a coffin is being lowered into a hole.

We know it is a graveyard as we can see the expression on Mrs Johnstone face as she reads the plaque aloud. The plaque reads ‘In the fondest memory of Mary Johnstone who took her own life into her own hands. ‘ At this point Mrs Johnstone whispers in a horse voice “can I change this? ” The voice of the Future says “of course you can, it’s the future. ” The ghost of the future takes Mrs Johnstone back to bed and she instantly falls asleep. All of the characters that played ghosts also played the parts of the past, present and future.

In conclusion to this, I feel that the play showed both real life and dream life mixed in together to give an abstract feeling. Although the acts seem to have ideas taken from the play ‘a Christmas carol,’ it seems to me that the ideas were only based around this and overall were acted out very well and therefore were shown to be very believable. Menace We were also instructed to recreate the final scene with movement and a minimum of words, using only stylised drama to capture the essence of the mood of the scene. We were also told to use repetition to reinforce the key moments of tension.

We decided to use just two characters, these were Eddie and Mickey. Simon played Mickey and Liam played Eddie. The lines that we were allowed to use are listed below: * I stopped taking the pills. * Linda and I are just friends. * Blood Brothers wasn’t it, remember? * I thought I was going to shoot you. * You had a twin brother. We were to concentrate on the following: * Mood * Pace/tempo * Movement We started our act by having both Eddie and Mickey both sat down day dreaming but both thinking of something to say. After a while Mickey says “I stopped taking the pills… those pills.

Eddie nods in reply obviously not thinking about what he just said. After a few moments Eddie says ” Linda and I ARE just friends… and just friends. Immediately after this is said Mickey jumps to his feet and yells in his face “Blood Brothers wasn’t it… WASN’T IT? I thought I was going to shoot you… going to shoot”… At this point Mickey produces a gun and rams it into Eddies jaw and repeats his line again “Blood Brothers wasn’t it. ” Eddie jumps up and at the same time both Eddie and Mickey say to one another “you had a twin brother. ” Both look startled and in anger Mickey shoots Eddie.

The police appear and put several bullets into the chest of Mickey. Mickey is blown across the room by the impact of the bullets. Both boys fall to the floor and the scene closes. In conclusion to this small and once again abstract, I feel that it produced some real life drama at the same time of it being very sketchy. It showed what could have been said when they met for the final time. Throughout the scene the pace/tempo was constantly being changed. It started out very slow but speeded up as the scenes progressed. The mood started off quite warm and happy and turned darker and more ‘edgy’ as the scenes progressed.

The movement was very still to start but got more ‘moving’ as the play moved forward. The movement however did not get smoother but it got very jittery and fast in the matter of only a few seconds. I feel however that this scene was one of our best performances because it was very abstract but at the same time realistic. Overall I feel that the drama exam was a success as we could portray the parts of all characters and main aspects of the play quite sufficiently and successfully due to the fact that we each got issued a Bloodbrothers novel/play to work from.