Response to Discussion Essay

Response     1Response to Discussion            The issue of health care provision for illegal immigrants is indeed a controversial one. Once within the U.S. borders, everyone who has entered the country illegally will at one time or another require medical attention, a dispensation for which in this current global recession, the U.S.

taxpayer can ill afford. According to Coley, J (2008), in 2006, $500 million was delivered by state hospitals in uncompensated care. This is an astronomical amount of money to be channeled into a system that does not provide any benefit to American citizens.

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            Taking responsibility for the health care needs of people who are not even on Medicaid is a terrible burden and some may argue that it is a human rights issue. After all, these undocumented aliens do not have jobs when they arrive and can hardly feed themselves. However, it can also be argued that the U.S. government’s record on human rights all over the world is exemplary and it would be stretching the imagination too far to expect that the U.

S. taxpayer will welcome problems into the country that it solves externally. The amount of  food aid and medicine being shipped from the U.S.

to countries in trouble is astronomical.            If the health care needs of illegal immigrants are to be met, then these undocumented aliens must be willing to submit to scrutiny by the Immigration authorities. If it is deemed that they are worthy of help, then the taxpayer will willingly oblige. This is a good system because it would weed out the majority of illegals who are not here as a result of persecution in their native countries, but who are here for economic reasons.

It is quite possible that the genuine cases would not overwhelm the health care system and the opportunity would be perfect to repatriate the millions of aliens who are here illegally and who are, to say the least, simply sponges on the American economy.Response     2ReferencesColey, J., (2008, November 24).

, Health care a complicated issue. Retrieved July 6, 2009