Response to Hearing Senate Essay

Dear Panel,I fully understand your concern about my proposal and the economic condition that we are in. However, I would like you to consider some of these issues before you arrive at the outcome. Now, we are all aware that the healthcare division is undergoing many changes. Among them are the financial changes that are already threatening to collapse the Healthcare or rather the Medicare system. We are never sure of tomorrow and this means that we may even protect the system and other external factors come up and bring it down at this time when it is very unstable.

When we consolidated all the departments the way they are right now, we are never sure of how much each department consumes. We are also not sure of which department is economically unviable and which one is not. This means that if we do not do anything, things will remain as they are or even get worse. (Rapsilver, L. & Anderson, E., 2000)However, this would not be the case if we separate these divisions. The reason is that each division will be responsible for its activities and will be required to submit its audited reports individually. This would also mean that the economically viable department would not strain to support the whole system.

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For instance, suppose the Medicare system collapses today, this would be a total loss to the whole nations as we have put our eggs in one basket. This would not be the case if the system had been divided. In addition, we can improvise a way in which each separate system will try to cater for some of its expenses through the revenues that it generates. This is something almost impossible at the current bureaucratic system running our Medicare system. For these reasons, I would urge you to reconsider your decision and allow this division. Even though it might look risky and expensive, it is a good risk propensity method. (Cooper, 2001)Yours Faithfully,John OsaReferencesCooper, S. (2001).

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