Response to the Article Embryo Ethics Essay

Response to the Article Embryo Ethics

            The article discussed the United States senate debate over stem cell research. It was stated from the article that funding for it was declined by President Bush because of its unethical nature even though it boasts its good-natured use for society. The stem cell bill proposed that it involves extracting stem cells from embryos resulting in the infringement of the unborn human’s right to life. It simply involved sacrificing humans for the sake of others.

            These embryos were considered human by the Senators who opposed the bill, one of which was Senator Sam Brownback, and were backed up by many church groups, as stated by Michael J. Scandel in the article. On the other side of the spectrum, stem cell research has proven to be useful for society because of its ability to cure a wide range of diseases and injuries. If an open-minded individual would be given an opinion on the subject matter, it would be possible for him/her to choice the unethical one as it boosts the medical community’s ability to cure a range of ailments, which s/he might possess in the future. To be honest, there are Pros and Cons for both sides to this topic since both can be beneficial and at the same time unethical in some aspects.

            Personally, I believe that it can be a waste of human life but pushing ethics aside, it can be beneficial for the community and humanity’s further existence. If it can save more lives than what was sacrificed, then why not push through with it? It would be a waste to let this one slip away. If it could cure a number of common diseases or ailments that we have now, then it will be worthy sacrifice. I think an embryo cannot be cast off as human when it has not really resembled one yet. I am simply sharing what I believe could be a better compromise to the given situation.

            Although the efforts of researchers and supporters for the stem cell project were denied yet again, it is still a probability that someday it will be used for medical purposes. Somehow, the future might be better off with stem cell research curing ailments.


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