Response to `The Whistling Season’ Essay

Response to `The Whistling Season’            Paul Milliron is the protagonist in the novel; a bit ironic, introspective and practically bedeviled by his ambitions. In chapter 10 of the story, it seems like Paul developed some sort of better communication and relationship with Morrie as well as Toby and Damon.

There is a line, “Belting people is what has led all this”. In reality, I think this line applies to all of us. Hiding something does have consequences later on and holding other people’s freedom will only lead to problems. There is no truth kept hidden for a long time and this is one the lessons we have to learn from this story. In my opinion, Paul was continuously struggling to get rid of his terrifying nightmares. Because of an increasing number of secrets he and his brothers are hiding, Paul was confused to the difference between the real and unreal things.

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The values shown by Rose and his brother Morrie seems to be good but there are things that are not kept open. Later in the story, the secrets of Rose and Morrie will be revealed.            In reality, all of us kept secrets. People do not want to expose all the things that will be damaging to them and to other people.

Life is not always what it seems to be. I would like to compare Paul’s eye in assisting the readers in (better) understanding the novel. The descriptions in each of the characters in the novel stay with the readers for a longer period of time. It seems like I was with Paul from his experiences in the story. I was impressed on how Morrie Morgan teaches Edwin Turley to read on the board using his own glasses. I was also inspired by his perseverance (within Morrie) in teaching Edwin Turley even though he is naughty. I’m also impressed with Paul’s intellectual abilities and with his Latin lessons with Morrie.

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