Response Essay

ResponseResponse #1It goes without saying that the book of Proverbs and the Song of Songs can be applied to every aspect of our daily lives as it promotes wisdom, marriage values, position of women in society, etc. Thus, the book symbolically represent the most controversial and painful moment of human lives. I agree that every person should lead honest life and value relationships.

Moreover, we should adapt to constant changes. Change is essential and inevitable part of the modern society and its significance is really dominant and great. I am sure that it is practically impossible for every person to avoid changes, because they are universally accepted phenomena.We are subjected to rapid and frequent changes, because the world changes as well. However, wisdom is the only thing that remains unchanged and its importance remains very high.

The book of proverbs seems to be instruction and direction in live showing what is good for us and what is wrong.Response #2I fully agree that the book of Proverbs and the Song of Songs are important as every person can find advice to be applied to personal and professional life. However, why to combine all the proverbs together? The answer is obvious.

In such a way, you are provided with ability to grasp the wisdom hidden in proverbs of the same topic. The book promotes common sense, balances and changes as they are of practical importance in our everyday lives. The Song of Songs symbolically discusses the position of women stressing they should be treated equally to men. They are not inferior as it was thought in antiquity, for example. Of course, the most interesting idea is that wisdom is associated with sexual love.

  Some of the poems even celebrate sexual love.