(iii) Management Representative and heads of various departments.

(iii) Communicate organization direction and values

(iv) Provision of the structure and resources to support strategic plans

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(v) Review suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of QMS

(vi) A management representative should be appointed and given authority by top management to manage, monitor, evaluate and coordinate QMS.

1. Quality Policy:

Quality policy is nothing but direction given by the Management to its organizational associates to get desired quality. Top management shall ensure that quality policy:

(i) Is appropriate for the purpose of the organization

(ii) Includes commitment to comply with requirements and improve the effectiveness of QMS

(iii) Provides a framework to establish and review quality objectives

(iv) Is communicated and understood

(v) Is reviewed for continuing suitability

2. Authority and Responsibility:

In ISO system, authority means organizational freedom to detect and control non-conformities affecting quality management must fix authority and responsibility of every organizational associate to detect and control nonconformity affecting quality

3. Resources:

Management must provide all resources necessary for quality work. Thus, material, machinery, men, methods and money have to be of desired standard and quantum.

Appointment of Management Representative: Management must appoint an experienced person of desired talent and competency as Management Representative from amongst the organizational associates.

4. Management Review Meeting:

At desired level, management has to meet to take stock of quality system with help of Management Representative and heads of various departments.

Management review – input information

Review input may include (ISO 9004):

(i) Status and results of quality objectives and improvement plans

(ii) Status of management review items

(iii) Result of audits and self-assessment

(iv) Feedback on satisfaction of interest parties

(v) Performance of suppliers

(vi) Marketplace information, partnerships, new strategies

(vii) Recommendations for improvement

(viii) Any other factors that may have impact on organization

Management review – output

Review of output provides information to be used by top management to improve processes includes decisions related to:

(i) Improvement the effectiveness of the quality management system and its processes

(ii) Improvement of product related to customer requirements