Responsibility and Accountability Essay

There are two definitions of responsibility that major apply to a soldier: (1) a duty or task that you are required or expected to do. (2) Something that you should d o because it is morally right, legally required. A soldier is a responsible for a seemingly count less number of things. The warriors of this nation carry a heavy mind around under that ACH; there are a million things to keep track of.

Not only must a soldier be knowledgeable in the e location of his r her gear at ALL times, but he or she must also be responsible for the well Ewing of battle buddies, the cleanliness of every area occupied by the unit, the punctuality to formations, being completely briefed on the mission, etc. , the amount of things is longer than S anta’s naughty list. Personal accountability and responsibility go hand in hand. Responsibility is t he forethought. Before making decisions a soldier should go through a mental assessment as king him or herself if their actions are those of an honest, rolodex citizen.

For the few times the e wrong decision is dad accountability comes into play, accepting the consequences of a bad De concision and learning from them. So why does the U. S. Army screen its citizens and pick only the ever y best of the best when they could just have a massive army like other similarly sized nations? B cause the u S. Army is a display of the best this country has to offer. Being a responsible sol drier represents everything America stands for and displays the discipline that earns the Reese CT given to soldiers.

The definition of accountability is the quality or state of being accountable; sees Cecilia: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s action s. Personal accountability is vital to a successful life in the Army but the Army doesn’t do anything personally. Any soldier will tell you that the Army is not an individual sport, tit s onto competition, it is not a martyr game to see who can earn the most valor; it is a team effort to accomplish victory in defending what matters the most. The Army gives a who el new meaning to “brothers” and “sisters”.

A soldier does not have to be sent into a combat zone to create an unbreakable, lifelong bond with his or her fellow warriors. A soldier must Simi ply do his or duty as a battle buddy. Being a battle buddy means listening to a fellow soldier who o might just need someone to talk to. Being a battle buddy means encouraging a fellow soldier t o push themselves far beyond the limits they set for themselves. Being a battle buddy means get ting down on the dirty, cold ground to do eighteenths alongside his or her fellow soldier while t hey are being reprimanded.

Being a battle buddy means never leaving a fallen comrade. Re sociability is earned but brotherhood and sisterhood is something that runs through the v ins of every American soldier. Personal accountability stems from the finitude moral c mommas instilled within the heart of each soldier. When soldiers combine these two elements, responsibility and accountability, it creates a path of success, not only to the soldier personally, but to the Army as a whole. The US. Army isn’t the greatest military in the world because of its firepower or its innovative e gear; the U. S.