Restaurant final Essay

A hotel is a complicated, intertwined and comprehensive mega system that has many minor systems that make it work as a unit. If there is a mishap in any single function of the hotel, the consequences can be very detrimental for the progression of the hotel and its reputation. From the moment, a guest checks in, until the moment he checks out, it is the responsibility of the hotel’s management to provide him a hassle free experience that would enable him to return to the hotel in the future too.To make life easy for the staff and management to run a hotel professionally, it is imperative to have a hotel property management system that would bring synergy and synchrony into every system of the hotel.As one can see from the above diagram, the hotel management system can be broadly divided into three major systems:Property Management System (PMS)Back Office Management System (BOMS)Restaurant Management System (RMS)As it can be seen from the above diagram, there are further subsystems that collectively and independently contribute to the overall effective performance of the hotel. The inter relationship of all these systems, which is illustrated in the above diagram is detailed below.

Ø  When a person makes a reservation online, via telephone or with a vendor, the reservations management system helps the customer know which room might be allotted to him, show room availability and accept payment. The system also makes an inventory of rooms with special features and discounts.Ø  The Front office Management system helps the guest register, does the room allotment and alerts the maintenance management system or the housekeeping system about guest details. The maintenance management system in return keeps posting details about guest usage of the mini-bar and other in room services for billing purposes.

Ø  Once a guest is registered at the Front office, the front office management system alerts all other systems that the guest can be billed on his room number. As a result, the guest can use all the services provided by the hotel like the restaurant, room service, laundry, telephone, fax, health center etc, and pay for them only at the time of checkout. This saves valuable time for the guest and makes the work of the management considerably easier.Ø  The Point of Sale systems is responsible for taking orders at the restaurants and room service. Once an order is placed, the Inventory control system is alerted and the required inventory is released for serving the guest. This information is then processed to the Sales and Catering system, and the Front office management system, for invoice preparations.Ø  At the time of the guest checking out, all the systems comprehensively reach the amount receivable by the guest within no time, which enables a smooth and hassle free experience for the guest.

Overall, a Hotel Property Management System is an undeniably required asset for any growing hotel. The brand reputation of the hotel would be built over time on the foundation of a strong management system. Any guest walking into such a hotel would have a memorable stay and memories to cherish.