Restaurant Inspection paper Essay


The report speaks about the operations of a restaurant named Fire House Subs restaurant founded by Fireman. The beautiful restaurant located in West sample Road, Margate. The restaurant is located in an open air space with good ventilation. It is a restaurant which is beautifully furnished with infrastructure. The restaurant is painted in painted in yellow colour paint which is giving a professional appearance for the visitors who are approaching for service. The restaurant were inspected on the 22/6/2010 and founded out various violations. The following discussions depicts about the weaknesses of the restaurant.

Excessive cold

The food is kept is in the restaurant in excessive cold and heat. The roast meat is kept under excessive cold. This leads to over preservative of the meat which is hazardous to health. The meat crossed the time of edibility and to prevent the over ageing the temperature is reduced a lot which will help the meat to stay edible for long time. But the real fact is it will lose its palatability which is very hazardous to health. In this restaurant roast Beef is kept under frozen temperature where it lost it life span time but still it is roasted to the customers.

Some foods are also raw cooked after taken from cold conditions which are even more dangerous where all the microbes which are attached with the food are not killed properly through cooking. The food items which are kept under the cold conditions are more prone to micro organisms. But once it comes out of the temperature to normal temperature it is liable to more microbes. Hence it should be cooked with deep heat. But in this restaurant they are trying to save the fuel cost and not cooking the food properly which is kept under excessive cold which will spoil the health of the consumers. The eaters are ended with severe stomach ache and food poison.

Observed Rodent activity

The second weakness the restaurant has which is been observed by the inspectors are severe Rodent activity due to non tidy environment. The restaurant is beautiful in looking outside where the infrastructure wise it is good which but inside the restaurant it is not showing the cleanliness. There is much rodent activity in the hotel. There are 15 to 21 droppings of rodents in the east corner of the counter. The droppings are black, shinny and small in shape. It shows the rodents are travelling in the hotels frequently. The droppings of the rodents are poisonous and if it fell in the food.

The rodents can be controlled through various insecticides and insect killing machines. The best way of preventing rodents is keeping the environment clean and avoids having dirty water stagnating in the restaurants. The rodents and insects will flourish in the environment where there is no cleanliness. This incident is found out in the restaurant. There are chances for the dropping to get mixed up with the foods items which is served to customers. Since the waste of rodents contains microbes it may cause stomach infection and stomach upset.

The cupboard door should be closed all the time else it will increase the chance for the insects and rodents to get inside and stay there. They also will eat the food items which are inside the shelves and also become healthy. Then they drop the wastages inside the cupboard and roam in the places where dark and conjusted are. Also one thing should be kept in mind in running restaurants is that all the work stations should be cleaned frequently else it will form substratum for the rodents and insects.

To kill the insects and rodents the people can go for insecticides tablets, powder and also it is controlled through sprays where it sprayed in all the gaps and small cracks. But one thing is that in the food industry another thing is also there to take care where the insecticides and sprays should not fall into food. Because the food products are less span products and also it is edible.

Outlets are not closed

The outlets are not properly closed from the zinc and pipes which is let for the water path. This leads to insects to get inside the kitchen through pipes and it will create a separate kingdom for it. Also it develops un cleaned environment and finally leads to bad odour. The outlets should be closed using a proper netted cover. It should be cleaned properly and maintain the drainage system properly.

Manager not in duty

Restaurant should have a person who is trained and experienced in managing the people and the works involved. He should be in responsibility is getting works done from the people. But in this restaurant at the time of inspection there were no manger in duty. This shows the concern of the restaurant towards the rules and regulations.

The manager should be certified through any valid certifications for the completion of the food practice course. There should be minimum five people under the manager to follow he practices. But in this restaurant at the time of inspection there were insufficient people. This shows that the works are being shared among less no of people where the employees are working more than what can be expected. Legally it is a crime but here it is happening as a normal day to day activity.

Fish –Failure for parasitic killing

In the restaurant there are times where the fish is not undergoing with parasitic killing of the germs in the fish during the time of storage. It is the process of killing the germs through heat, waves or through proper cleaning which ensure the cleanliness of fish. But it is not happening.

Drawers are dirty

The drawers in the kitchen area are dirty where utensils and things are kept inside the drawer. There getting drawers have lots of cracks and holes where the dirt and dust are getting inside. If the utensils are kept inside it will get infected and the utensils used for cooking will end in infected food and also it will make the food unpalatable. This may cause health issue for the customers who are rushing in the restaurant.

Health inspection certificate missing

In the restaurant there is not health inspection report missing and they don’t have such reports to prove themselves. Any hotel should have basic standards and have the inspector’s checks frequently to prove the excellence of the restaurant and its service. This restaurant does not have any report hanged and also it have not taken steps to arrange for inspection. This shoes their non transparency in operations.

Appearance of food handlers

The restaurant should have employees who are so called employees of the restaurant should be neat looking in appearance. They should be educated with the basic knowledge. But in the Fire house restaurant the employees where found with dirt in nails and fingers edges where they are not cleaning their hands properly. Moreover the workers should not be informed about the microbe free handling of food.

To avoid these workers should be given basic training about the handling of the utensils, food and the way of preparing hygienic food across the restaurant life time.

Maintaining Rest Rooms

In Fire house restaurant the rest rooms where inspected and found out various flaws which should be concentrated in improving. Initially the rest rooms are not clean and it is dirty in looking by continuous usage. Initially there should be two separate rest rooms facility for the employees of the restaurant and the customers who are coming over there. But in Fire house restaurant it is not available. This will create a problem where the workers are sometimes doing not have the aware of using antimicrobial hand washes. They will not flush out properly after using the rest rooms because of urgency in work which will pollute the rest rooms

The one important thing in rest room is having enough rest room facility where there should be enough air circulation and enough light inside the restrooms. But in Fire House restaurants there are no enough windows in restaurant because of space constraint. There is only one rest room with one flush out for both male and female. Also the tap is having leakage where it continuously leaks water which created a mark in the walls and floor and it allow the microbes to grow in stagnated water and it will create bad odour.

Then there should be in charge of housekeeping department. But there is no house keeping in the restaurant. They should come from trained environment where they are given enough cleaning methods and practices. Also they should be trained in using various compositions of cleaning detergents to be used in order to prevent microbial activity and infection.

To avoid this situation the restroom should be appointed with permanent workers who should be in clean over coat over their dress which is washed regularly. The worksheet should be hanged in the wall of the rest room where the worker employed in should sign in the respective intervals ensuring the cleanliness of the rest room. The person should be responsible in maintaining clean rest rooms.

The person should be given proper training in using various detergents and antibiotic fresheners. The floor and the wash basin should be cleaned frequently and always maintain a dry environment where the microbes will not present is dry area. Spray beautifully aroma freshener which will give refreshing mind while entering into the restroom.

The rest rooms are kept with antiseptic hand wash and tissues. The person using the bathrooms should wash hands after using the rest rooms and wipe it with the new tissues. There should be disposable tissues in the corner to put wastages and tissues. There should be two different separate bins where one should be closed and another should be open. The dry waste and tissues should be put in dustbins and organic wastes and water soaked items are put in another dustbin which should be cleaned frequently.

Ceilings and floors

The ceilings should not be accumulated with smoke and his shows there is no proper ventilation. Here in the restaurant there is only one window in the kitchen and the chimney is not constructed properly where there is no proper outlet for smoke and oil should go out and it is rotating inside the kitchen where the workers working in the restaurant are exposing to increased smoke and dirt. This ends in lungs and respiratory diseases which are against the standards of the hotel law.

Accommodation facility of workers

The workers should be given proper accommodation facility where the employees should be given proper place to sleep and have food. There should be enough space for them to move around and work and the area should not be congested.

Separate racks for uncooked and half cooked foods

In the restaurant there are no separate racks for uncooked foods like salads and cooked food like meat. This half cooked or raw meat should not be kept near the uncooked foods like salads and juices where it might fall into the food and it might cause the fresh foods get infected.  To avoid this there should be proper storage facility for uncooked foods and cooked foods.

Garbage disposal and sanitary conditions

The outside premises of the restaurants are inspected by our team where there is no proper facility for sanitation, flowing of drainage water and garbage system. Since the restaurant is an area where food involved hence there are chances for more wastages and infection. There should be proper drainage system and waste outlet system. This will helps the restaurants to maintain the clean environment also infection free situation.

Tables and utensils should be given disinfectant

The utensils and tables should be given disinfectant wash regularly which this restaurant is not doing properly. It should be wiped with the disinfectant and wipe it with clean dry cloth which will kill all the micro organisms and will give an appealing look for the customers who are rushing into the hotel.

Services improvement

The restaurant can improve in the development of services which will improve the standard of the restaurant and also it will attract more customers which will increase the sales. The restaurant can provide offers and discounts in door deliver. The restaurant can improve in developing the infrastructure which will attract the customers. To attract the kids and children sector the restaurant can build ups parks and play areas with games to entertain children. These are some of the areas where Firehouse Restaurant can improve its standard.

Infrastructure wise improvement in Fire house restaurant

The restaurant should not only focus on the out appearance to attract people but also it should be hygienic, effective, cost cutting and advantageous to the restaurant. The rooms and the work area should be arranged and designed according to the process oriented. There should not be mess over the workers and it is waste of time for the workers to roam over here and there and it will create lots of time consumption and also the customer service will gains back. The ventilators and outlets are planned as per the need and built in such a way that should avoid pollution and smoke inside the restaurant.

Rules and Regulations in running restaurants

Running a restaurant is not an ease job and there are certain rules and regulations in operating a restaurant. The rules and regulations are based on the county in which the restaurant is under performing. The basic rules are the restaurant should maintain the basic sanitary conditions. The employees should be trained to handle things in a hygienic way.


Fire House Subs restaurant inspected and found out the draw backs of restaurant and submitted a report. The restaurant can find out the flaws and try to improve the standards before the next inspection. Immediately they have to rectify all the drawbacks and design the restaurant with abide to rules and regulations of hotel laws. The restaurant should concentrate on interior designing of the premises of restaurant so that it gives pleasure for the visitors. In addition with the normal service the restaurants should concentrate on attracting tourists by including additional services like bars, spa centres, and fun games for children entertainment activities and also connectivity should improve through full time access to internet.