Restaurant survey Essay

            Restaurant survey – 1 -A restaurant’s location is as crucial as its food and service.  The location of the restaurant is also related to the target market that the establishment plans to cater to.  My group was tasked to conduct a survey in a restaurant in the building which was near to the school.  The group was able to interview the students as the main target market of the restaurant who, in turn, supplied the needed information.Objectives            Through this survey, the restaurant will be able to assess how their establishment fares with the customers termed as respondents for the purpose of this survey.ResultsMost of the students agreed that the restaurant usually has a long queue especially during peak hours during lunchtime.

  When asked about the prices of food offered in the menu, almost all students agreed that the prices are reasonable and affordable.  Fifty percent of the students disagreed that the food is fresh while the remaining half of the students is indifferent whether the food is fresh or not.  Almost all of the respondents agreed that the restaurant should put more tables given the number of customers who come in the restaurant during peak hours. The respondents also commented and agreed that most of the staff they met were friendly and courteous.  Fifty percent of the respondents agreed that the drinks served have a pleasant and good taste while the remaining fifty percent disagreed and commented that the drinks should be improved.  All of the respondents are average customers of the restaurants who often order their food during lunch time.

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  The respondents gave indifferent answers when asked if they find the meals healthy to their liking.Restaurant Survey – 2 -ConclusionThe restaurant has good points as well as room for improvement based on the feedback of the respondents involved in the interview.  The good points of the restaurant are the reasonable prices, friendly staff, and location. The room for improvement, on the other hand, as suggested by the respondents is additional tables and improved drink choices.