Restorative and adding values used to build

Restorative Justice is a successful solution that provides the teens with a whole lot of activities and programs for the teens at risk.  Too many teens are ending up in prison pipeline.  parents and communities who want to really see their students or kids succeed in school can use this program.  First, Restorative Justice program can help decrease the number of teens getting suspended and ending up in prison by training over 1,000 staff members across the district, in Restorative practices including law enforcement.  In the Restorative Justice program it says that “in 2004, we conducted a study into the effects of RJ in the Oakland Schools following charts represent finding from our 2014 full report so far the RJ program in the (OUSD) has successfully: helped to decrease suspensions by half across the district since 2011.  Based on the wales online article it says that,  “I have 18 years working in the prison service and was running training course on restorative justice and it does work.”  Clearly, Restorative Justice programs can help support kids by not getting in prison by setting a set of principles and adding values used to build community.  In the RJ programs in the Oakland Unified School District  it states that the Restorative Justices has, ” a set of principles inspired by indigenous values used to build community respond to harm/conflict and provide individual circles of support for students.”  Clearly, the RJ has been an effective program in a positive way for many years now.While it is true that Restorative Justice can help teens onto better paths, community service programs involve stuff and activities that involve the government, which sometimes scares the teens off into getting involved with the community service programs.  Although, Restorative Justice Programs is more effective because it processes the teens problems and helps them out slowly and calmly.  On the other hand, someone might argue that community service programs can help decrease the number of teens ending up in prison by building awareness of things.  According to the west coast connection program, “community service builds awareness , compassion, and relationships.  Community service programs develops teens into leaders and global citizens.  Above all, community service programs has less successful activities involved.Currently, when researching the school to prison pipeline it is obvious that Restorative Justice is a strong solution to address the many teens are ending up in prison increasing the prison percentages.  For instance, If we don’t stop/teens from committing crime then it will really start increasing the amount of teens whose lives are at risk from from getting ruined in prison.  A personal story was explained by a mother named wendi whos son was arrested and spent 10 years in prison. She found out he was arrested by the friend his son was living with.  She hasn’t talked her son for a long time.  She was shocked when she found out that he was in prison.  Two months after, she was finally able to see him.  She said it was hard and couldn’t believe it.  It broke her seeing him cuffed up and in an orange jumpsuit.  He was gonna spend 10 awful years in prison.  Unquestionably, Restorative Justice is an impactful manner to address the problem of having almost all kids in prison by the time they are teens.  This is the path to helping communities whose teens are really at the edge of falling into prison and whose life can be changed just in a blink.