Restudying the Lorax: An Analysis of the Dr. Seuss’ Film, The Lorax Essay

Restudying the Lorax: An Analysis of the Dr. Seuss’ Film, The Lorax            The Lorax was written by Theodor Seuss Geisel or more popularly known in his pen name as Dr. Seuss in 1971 as a representation of the pressing issues of his time in both business and environment (Nix, 2010, p.

n.pag.). The Lorax was primarily written by Dr.

Seuss as an attempt to provide alternative ways of studying the importance of the two said issues at hand; in the Lorax it can be said that the representation of these issues was made through a well plotted series of events with imaginary casts that also well represented the different concerned parties in the plot of the Lorax. The Lorax is primarily a book which was latter turn into a short movie by the Director Hawley Pratt in 1972. The plot of the short film aims to fully integrate the full intentions that The Lorax was primarily written. As for this research, the film version of the Lorax will be the one used to set up the discussions that are deemed necessary by this research in meeting the requirements of this research which is contextualizing The Lorax in the basic business school of thoughts. The Lorax will be studied through this perspective by restudying The Lorax through operation management thoughts.            But first of all, a brief summary of The Lorax seems more than appropriate for this task to be adequately done.

The Lorax is basically the voice of the trees; he speaks for the trees for the trees cannot speak for themselves; even if they have pretty lot of things to say. The story is all about the Lorax enduring the hardships that the Onceler caused as the Onceler’s business exhausted the finite resource in the story- trees. The story started when the Onceler is searching for new grounds to establish his business; he travelled far and wide until he found what is later known as-“The Street of the Lifted Lorax”. The street is now known as such because the place used to be one of the widely tree populated areas that anyone can imagine; this used to be the case for this place until the Onceler found that the thneeds or the thing that everyone needs can be made out of the abundant trees in the area. The Onceler disregarded the advices and protests that the Lorax threw in his way as he started to build his business.

At first, the problem of the Lorax is simply one or two trees that the Onceler chopped down to create his thneeds. To make the problem more unbearable, the Onceler is a very good businessman who also has a strong potential of wanting more and more. After some time, greed combined with exemplar management skills have made the Onceler more than capable enough to expand his business by calling up his relatives to join him in his production of the thneeds. Consequential to increase in production, the Onceler’s business of making thneeds required more and more trees to be cut down. The Lorax is alarmed and saddened by this event, but the Lorax was not able to perceive that this is only the beginning. The dream of the Onceler to expand to new ventures and business frontiers made him a very sophisticated assembly line that increased his production rate of thneeds, but also increased the rate of cutting down the trees. The Oncler grew rich beyond words which allowed him to even enter in new enterprises such as ice cream parlors, automobiles and subdivisions.

Life is definitely good for the Onceler, but certainly the opposite for the Lorax and the Lorax’s friends. Habitats were destroyed in the name of the Onceler’s Hills. Rivers ran dirty because of the sanitation standards of Onceler’s businesses. The Lorax confronted the Onceler once again, explicitly explaining that the Onceler’s deeds will only lead to irreparable loss of many other creatures apart from the downfall of the business. Blinded by richness, Onceler did not heed his advice and end up exhausting everything.

Even if the Onceler finally realized what he has done, everything is lost. Dr.Seuss ended the story that the Onceler gave the last seed of the trees to be planted and preserved for the sake of putting back into place what he has removed; such an act is indeed enlightening, but could have been prevented through the Lorax’s advice.The Onceler’s Business Plan            Thneeds is the name of the produce that the Onceler used to become rich in exchange of exhausting everything. Even if the Onceler may appear to be pure evil in the plot of the Lorax, he without any doubt as will be established in this paper is a man knowledgeable of profiteering.

To establish that the Onceler is truly a businessman, this paper will use essential parts of his business design to uncover his business prowess. First of all, the Onceler upon the creation of thneeds showed an unquestionable skill that mixes innovativeness and creativeness. As an entrepreneur, Onceler’s business plan dominantly lies on his discovery that thneeds could be made out of trees; trees that appear to be abundant and even free. Every businessman should be innovative and creative enough to gain an edge over others that equally want to gain profit. Furthermore, the Onceler through his innovativeness was able to monopolize the trade of thneeds. Second, the business plan of the Onceler can also be said to diverge in a path of expanding his business.

He first touched his familial connections to get new workers for his expanded business. After a while he pushed for the creation of assembly lines. Third, Onceler expanded his business without compromising the potential production maximization he can have.  He used machines such as the super- ax hacker and infrastructures such as a four lane drive thru highway to go hand in hand with the expansion of his business.

The Onceler through these machine and infrastructure was able to max out the potential of his business in terms of production. Fourth, after expanding productively, the Onceler was able to maximize his profits by advertising his produce as a thing that everyone needs. Fifth, after the Onceler was able to expand and be successful in maximizing production rate and profit, his business plan changed to expanding in other investments such as the creation of the Onceler’s Hills.

Onceler may have implemented these five business plans with efficiency and timing, but these entire have a common ground- opportunity cost. Onceler showed that he was able to balance the opportunity cost he may incur by neglecting the other end of his business which is the trees and even nature as a whole. Among the successes that the Onceler bathed on, the thneeds business came into a spiral downfall. The reason will be discussed in the succeeding part.Onceler’s Thneeds Possible Improvements:            The Onceler may have unaccounted one of the most vital element of his trade- the resource is finite. The downfall of the business plan of the Onceler can be said to met a point of inapplicability because of this mistake. This mistake will be the basis of this research in providing possible improvements in the Onceler’s trade of thneeds.

            First of all, the Onceler after noting that the primary product he used is finite should immediately find ways of making the resource if not infinite at least more abundant. Second, the expansion of his business should not only be based on his attempts to max out production and profits; it should also be based on the sustainability that it can derive from the first prescription of making the trees less finite. Third, Onceler’s expansion to the different enterprises can be regarded as too risky since he is no longer the mast of that trade as compared to his status as the discoverer of the thneeds; due to this the Onceler’s expansion should be more complementary to his mastered field- thneeds. Fourth, the Onceler should not only rely on the opportunity costs of his production, instead he should also rely on other const computations, particularly those that include sustainability.

Aside from these paper’s prescriptions, the Onceler’s thneeds business is prepared to last more years.Lessons from the Lorax Taking the lessons from the Lorax as a vital set of lessons which can be used in future careers, more than the environmental issues imbedded in the book and movie sustainability is deemed by this paper to be most useful. Every conflict and resolution that the plot of the Lorax has presented can be rooted to issues revolving around sustainability. Sustainable development, sustainable production and even sustainable business structure are some of the common themes wherein the Lorax can be fully integrated with. The lessons from the Lorax maybe environmental in approach, but they can be applied in other fields apart from the environment.BibliographyNix, S.

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