Resume and Cover Letter Response Essay

Resume and Cover Letter Response

The cover letter has many strengths. The author personally knows someone i.e. Mr. Pike Bishop, who works for the company that he is applying for a job with.  This person could potentially act as a character reference.  The author also clearly explains why he wants to work at the company, and confidently articulates what he can offer them.  He mentions his academic record and his achievements, and backs this up with skills learned.

There are only a couple of weaknesses that I can detect in the cover letter.  The author assumes that the company’s search for a ‘fresh, new face’ means that they are after a recent graduate.  This isn’t necessarily the case.  They could still be looking for someone experienced, but with fresh ideas. It would have been better to have stated in a few ways, how the author would fit the criteria of a fresh face and not just as a recent graduate e.g. fresh ideas, fresh outlook.  It’s dangerous to make assumptions and then put a case forward based only on those assumptions. I also think that whilst it’s great that the author mentions that he could be a good leader, it’s a little condescending to state that he knows how to ‘deal’ with people. It would have been better to say that he has good ‘interpersonal’ skills.

Whereas the cover letter is fairly good, the resume lets the application down.  The only strength in the resume is that it is simple to read.  However, its simplicity is also its main weakness.  The resume is far too sparse on details. The author states he was a crew member at Wal-Mart and a combat engineer in the army, yet he does not detail the duties and responsibilities entailed by these roles.  A potential employer is looking for the skills learned in these roles but cannot discern them from a list of the roles alone. Ideally, the author should detail the duties and responsibilities of the roles using verbs e.g. built, created, instigated. A list of achievements whilst in these roles would have also added value.

There are no referees or requests for referees on the resume.  Details of referees, or at least a note offering referees on request, would make the resume more professional. It would also have been better to put the Graphics Experience section immediately below the Objective so that even if the employer reads no further than the first paragraph, he would at least be reading the most relevant information for the role. The author mentions computer, psychology, and science classes in his cover letter, yet there is no reference to them in the resume.  This should be remedied as the resume should always support the cover letter.  Without it, it may appear that the author does not pay attention to detail.