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Sales and marketing executive with over 30 years experience developing and maximizing brand initiatives, sales force development, and revenue enhancement


Vice President of Sales                                                  Jun 1995 – present

The Female Health Company  Chicago, IL

Directs sales activities for a $46 million international manufacturer of consumer healthcare products and services.  Responsible for U.S. production while acting as liaison between domestic and international operating units.  Develops strategic marketing plans and new branding initiatives. Facilitates training for sales force and broker network to achieve excellence in value-added and benefit selling techniques.

Key Accomplishments:

v  Instrumental in developing and implementing turn-around strategies that resulted in a 660% increase in share value

v  Consistently implements brand initiatives and repositioning strategies that result in revenue and sales volume increases including

o   new packaging initiative leading to a 185% revenue and 16.6% volume increase

o   new brand image and consumer marketing campaign leading to a 26% increase

o   strategic marketing plan targeting national drug chains creating a 9% increase in distribution

o   new partner marketing campaign opened up Japanese markets

o   sales force development strategies increased revenues  for 4 consecutive years by 52%, 30%, 36%, 24% respectively

o   developed new product line from re-manufactured  bi-products creating a $50,000 additional revenue source

o   implemented a field promotion based on brand image repositioning creating a $600,000 additional revenue source

Vice President of Sales                                                  Feb 1992 – Jun 1995

Capitol Spouts, Inc.  Albany, NY

Directed sales and marketing activities, and responsible for budgeting and forecasting for a privately held manufacturer of gable paper carton packaging products.  Responsible for implementing pilot marketing programs in key markets in North American region.


Key Accomplishments:

v  Implemented test marketing strategies with Safeway and Lucky stores resulting in 15% increase in distribution in target market

v  Successfully implemented marketing and brand development strategies leading to capture of key markets including producers of dairy products, juice processors, and private label grocery chains

General Manager and Partner                                               Apr 1989 – Dec 1991

HTV Group  Mundelein, IL

Founding and managing partner for an investment group that acquired and developed retail video chain stores.

Key Accomplishments:

v  Directed operations from start-up through divestiture stages

v  Developed the startup business plan and strategic marketing and operating plans

v  Implemented business development resulting in sale of licensed trademark

v  Implement investor relations strategies resulting in acquisition of $500,000 of private investment

Director of Account Management,

Retail Business Development                                         Mar 1979 – Jan 1989

Monsanto Company  Deerfield, IL

Responsible for retail business development unit.  Developed new business unit marketing products with NutraSweet and GD Searle additives.

Key Accomplishments:

v  Recruited, developed and trained key sales and marketing  staff persons

v  Developed a $48 million private label division within 2 years

v  Developed and implemented a multi-brand initiative in partnership with A&P resulting in multiple product distribution in more than 1,000 retail grocery outlets

v  Directed a 20 person team in implementing a strategic marketing partnership with Kroger and NutraSweet resulting in the first approved yogurt product containing NutraSweet


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

University of Texas


v  Member, NACDS

v Member, NWDA


930 Harvard

Highland Park, IL 60035

Home: 847-579-0213

Cell: 847-308-0206

[email protected]

Dear                                       :

I am writing to express interest and present my qualifications for an executive level staff position in your  sales and marketing division.  I am an accomplished sales and marketing executive with over 30 years experience developing and maximizing brand initiatives, sales force development, and revenue enhancement.  I have a history of achieving above average results across a wide range of industries including food products, chain retail stores, packing products, and consumer healthcare products.

In my current position, I was instrumental in improving sales such that the share price of the company increased from $0.60 to $4.56 at closing on 6/15/2009 (FHCO listed on Nasdaq).  As a partner and general manager of an investment group I was instrumental in directing the operation from startup to divestiture, affecting a sale to outside investors.  I was instrumental in a comprehensive investor relations and marketing campaign that lead to acquiring $500,000 direct investment and a subsequent sale of a licensed trademark to external investors.  As a business development manager I was instrumental in creating and developing the marketing for  NutraSweet products, and as vice president of sales I was instrumental in developing several private label brands distributed by major grocery, dairy, and juice distributors.  Please refer to the enclosed resume for more information on my qualifications and results.

I would like the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your sales and marketing vision in more detail and discuss how my particular approach to sales and marketing can help you develop new markets, improve distribution, and increase revenues.


Jack Weissman