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Grigory Murmylyuk343 Zelenaya Str. Apt 55, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation+1 (646) 306 – 9994 | [email protected] of Economics & Law at Kuban State University | Krasnodar, Russia          1994-1998Bachelor of Science in EconomicsMajor: Operations Research & Management for EconomicsInstitute of Economics & Law at Kuban State University | Krasnodar, Russia          1998-1999Master of Science in EconomicsMajor: Macroeconomic modeling and forecastOverall GPA: 3.44Relevant courses:·        Advanced Mathematics courses:Linear algebra, complex differential equations, algebraic number theory, nonlinear wave equations, functional analysis, computational mathematics, probability theory and mathematical statistics, discrete mathematics·        Economics and economics related courses:Social and economic development forecast, economic theory, world economy, macroeconomics, microeconomics, operations research and optimizations methods, statistics, history of economic theories, management, finance | monetary circulation and credit, accounting, information technologies for economics, theory of economic system optimal control, mathematical models of economic processes, economic cybernetics, natural resource economics, business planning organizations, decision making methods, marketing, market statisticsState University of St. Petersburg | St.

Petersburg, Russia                        2006 – 2007Major: English literature and compositionOverall GPA: 4.00Relevant courses:English literature and composition, modern American literatureWORK EXPERIENCESwedwood LLC, subsidiary of IKEA Group | St. Petersburg, Russia      6/2006 – PresentProcurement and Logistics Deputy ManagerManage and facilitate operational methods to improve the supply chain by minimizing total logistics costs.·         Responsible for creating a dynamic and strategic logistics “engine room” for global market by establishing supply chain networks·         Managing several supply chain optimization projects by leading teams of 5 to 20 people·         Contributed to the creation of improved logistics strategies in the company through the application of Lean Management techniques·         Actively participated in creating the business plan for the Russian region of Swedwood·         Optimizing the level of service delivered to customers and maximizing inventory turnover·         Prepared tender documents according to set procedures·         Analyze tenders and quotes and recommend  placements of orders or contracts·         Manage all relevant documentation to the shipping and freight forwarding and customs agents to expedite optimal cargo clearingIKEA Group | Stockholm, Sweden                                                                       11/2003– 5/2006Global Supply PlannerWorked in material-oriented purchase teams in close cooperation with business developers and Technicians in the Trading Area and in the link from the supplier inside the logistics chain of IKEA·        Identified, implemented and maintained supplier offers·        Took part in official negotiations with suppliers·        Monitored and took action on suppliers logistics performance regarding capacities, delivery performance, lead time, order fulfillment and delays·        Supported the suppliers with relevant information, training, working methods and helped them to develop  required performance levelsIKEA Group | Bucharest, Romania                                                                       11/2001 – 9/2003Supply Planner·         Actively involved in matters of replenishment solutions, lead times, transport and logistics cost optimization·         Actively participated in establishing capacity planning·         Analyzed manufacturing lead times, achieved 100% on-time shipment·         Ensured efficient communication flow between suppliers and  the global planning team·         Assured that systems are updated with correct parametersNestle Food LLC subsidiary of Nestle Group | Krasnodar, Russia             1/2000 – 9/2001Demand/Forecasting Planner·         Was responsible for reviewing historical sales trends, researching demand drivers, and preparing forecasts·         Assisted in coordinating forecasts for new product roll-outs based on trends in historic data·         Took part in developing new roll-out performance tracking macro to monitor sales·         Monitored automation of key data-exchange processes between the forecasting system and ERPVOLUNTEER WORKIKEA Group | St. Petersburg, Russia                                                                                 8/2007 – PresentForest Students Scholarship ProgramProgram CoordinatorLeading a group of five volunteers in managing and coordinating the program that supports one-year scholarships for students from Eastern Europe to study forestry at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science in Alnarp, Sweden.Manage the identification, selection, and retention of Program ScholarsArrange profiles of all possible candidates for review with representativesCoordinate activities related to the Program Scholars’ admission and matriculationPrepare the paperwork for visa processingResponsible for ensuring that Program Scholars acclimate to the UniversityCross Cultural Solutions | Krasnodar, Yaroslavl | Russia                                                11/1997 – 5/2001Coordinator/ Translator/ Volunteer TeacherCoordinated work for international volunteers who are not fluent in Russian or familiar with local customs.

Ensured compliance of Cross-Cultural Solutions programs with local emergency and safety proceduresTranslated for international volunteers at the work placementsTaught basic English in local low-income communitiesPrepared orientation packets for the international volunteersCross Cultural Solutions | Lima, Peru                                              1/2000 – 3/2000Volunteer Teacher Assistant·         Assisted teachers in schools with limited resources to provide an engaging environment for educating teenagersTaught the English alphabet and  basic vocabulary at local orphanageCamp Marshall | Spencer, MA | USA                                                                         6/1999 – 10/1999“Camp America” cultural exchange programCamp Counselor·         Assisted in managing a group of   twelve 9-12 year olds·         Planned activities, camp-outs, and assisted with camper emergencies·         Managed and scheduled cabin counselors·         Instructed in outdoor skills such as overnight backpacking, rock climbing, swimming, sailing, homesteadingEXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIESPOLITICAL DEBATE CLUBSt. Petersburg State University, Russia                                                   2006-2008Member           /AdvisorKuban State University, Russia                                                                   1995-200MemberHave had an invaluable experience at  these fun and open places for students to hear the opinions of others and express their own on important current affairs.JIU JITSUN.

H.B. Club | St.

Petersburg, Russia                                                                            07/2006- PresentAlliance Club | Stockholm, Sweden                                                                            11/2003- 5/2006awarded blue belt in 2005awarded brown belt in 2007This self-defense-centric art helps me to bring mind, body and spirit together. Teaches me how to avoid direct confrontation and how to interact better with colleagues to reach a compromiseTRAVELS UNDERTAKENSpencer, MA | United States                                                         6/1999Lima | Peru                                                                                                          1/2000Bucharest | Romania                                                                                      11/2001Stockholm | Sweden                            frequently                                            2003 – 2008Chongqing, Tianjin, Wuhan | China       frequently                           2005 – 2008New York, NY | United States                                                                2008