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United States of America (USA)

[KSA traits: Dedication, and Agreeableness, Work with Others].  Over 30 years of professional experience in operations and logistics management, human resources development, and training.  Problem solver with strong interpersonal skills desires a career position as a Program Manager.  Also is an Active Top Secret Security clearance personnel.  Extensive expertise related to special-purpose and specially equipped vehicles.  Outstanding track record in safeguarding government assets from waste and abuse through careful planning and resourcefulness while developing preventive maintenance programs, driver education programs, and accident reduction programs.  Enhanced experience in cost analysis and budget management for budgets ranging from thousands to multi-millions of dollars.  I am a legal, technical, and policy expert in regards to motor vehicles.

[KSA traits: Friendships, Competition, Affiliations, and Perseverance]

Tui University: Degree:  PH.D, 2009:  Major:    Business Administration

Webster University: Degree: Master of Arts (MA), 2006: Major:  Management and Leadership

North Central Institute: Degree: Diploma, 1996:  Major:  Business Administration

University of Maryland: Degree: Bachelor of Science (BS), 1993:  Major:  Management

Regents College:  Degree: Bachelor of Science (BS), 1993: Major:  Liberal Arts

University of Maryland: Degree: Associate’s Degree, 1992:  Major:  Management

Central Texas College:  Degree: Associate’s Degree, 1986:  Major:  General Studies

Military Honors:  Legion of Merit Award, Meritorious Service Award, and National Defense Award.

Military Honors:  Vietnam Service Award, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, and several others.

Military Honors:  Vietnam Gallantry Cross Medal and Humanitarian Service Award.

Honor Society Membership:  National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA).

Cultural Society Membership:  Transportation Corps Regimental Association.

Received highest U.S. Army Transportation Corps award: The Order of Saint Christopher.  It was presented for outstanding achievements and accomplishments in the transportation field.

[KSA traits:  Decisiveness, Calmness, Confident, and Stability]

Extensive Executive-Level Training

Freight course and Hazardous Materials course, 2006

Department of Homeland Security: Incident command System for Single Resources, 2006

Professional Development Series, 2005

Fundamental Accounting Procedures in Federal Agencies, 2005

Principles of Emergency Management and Emergency Planning courses, 2004

National Incident Management System, 2004

Disaster Basic and Leadership & Influence courses, 2003

Effective Communication and Decision Making & Influence courses, 2003

Basic Incident Command System and Radiological Emergency Response courses, 2003

Hazardous Materials for Medical Personnel, 2003

Beginning Arabic Language and Computer Repair/Upgrading course, 2002

Garrison Sergeants Major course, June 2000

EEO Senior Leader Seminar, 2000

Manager Development and Emergency Response to Terrorism courses, 1999

Emergency Program Manager course, 1996

Defense Reutilization & Marketing System course, 1995

U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy, 1993

Management and Technical (regular) Training

Emergency Management Institute, affiliation of National Emergency Training Center, 1995-1996

COURSES: Emergency Program Manager, Hazardous Materials, Radiological Emergency

Management, Guide to Disaster Assistance, and Emergency Preparedness.

Logistics Management College, 1994-1995

COURSES: Diploma in Army Maintenance Management and

 also received diploma in SMPT-5 Hazardous Materials Handling

Army Institute for Professional Development, 1988-1996

COURSES: Weapons Specialist, Defense Financial Management, Supervisor Development,

Defense Hazardous Materials/Waste Handling, Manager Development, Intelligence/Operation

Sergeant, Chemical Senior NCO, and NCO Logistics Program.  Additional training included:

Lifesavers, Arabic Language and Culture, Korean Language and Culture, Turkish Language and

Culture, German Language and Culture, computer operations, heavy expanded mobility tactical trucks

(HWMTTs), drug and alcohol abuse prevention, Motor Transport Advanced Course, and counter terrorist


[KSA traits:  Innovative thinker and Detailed-Oriented]:  Proficient in Windows XP as well as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.  Knowledge of software also includes supply chain, inventory control, purchasing, and logistics.  Possess demonstrated computer repair ability.

[KSA traits:  Public Contact, Knowledge, Artistic Creativity, Compassion, and Aesthetics]

Military Movement Command, Washington, DC

From:  June 2003  To:  Present

Salary:  not listed

Hours:  40/week

Present employer may be contacted.


KSAs: Quick Learner and Perfectionist.  Responsible for planning, coordinating, budgeting, and directing transportation support for agency operations to include the Defense HUMINT Service and J2.  To support agency operations, I ensure efficient and effective worldwide shipment of classified and unclassified cargo and coordinate with the Joint staff to plan for contingency support to agency operations.

United States Army, 597th Transportation Terminal Group, Southport, North Carolina

From:  April 1999  To:  August 2001

Salary:  not listed

Hours:  40+/week

Position:  Senior Transportation Terminal Manager & Brigade Sergeant Major

KSAs: Charismatic leader and Help Society.  Due to my vast transportation knowledge and distinguished career, I was handpicked as Installation Sergeant Major of the most diversified ocean terminal within DOD.  Transshipped ammunitions, explosives, and sensitive cargo worldwide while operating on an annual budget of more than $18 million.  Supervised the safety of 10 military, 246 DA civilians, and 150 contractor/longshoremen while revitalizing a stagnant training program and developed a training brief which became a model worldwide.

United States Army, 840th US Army Transportation Battalion, Izmir, Turkey

From:  July 1998  To:  March 1999

Salary:  not listed

Hours:  40+/week

Position:  Senior Transportation Terminal Manager & Brigade Sergeant Major

KSAs: Transformational leader and Influential.  Managed, supervised and controlled operations.  Oversaw operating seaports through which moved personnel and assets through Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, and the Mediterranean area.  Supervised a DOD “common user” port and became an expert on handling operations, customs clearance, and cargo documentation.  Controlled an annual operating budget of $4 million and managed two Vehicle Processing Centers.  Successfully directed port operations of incoming and outgoing 100,000 million tons of cargo and 700 privately owned vehicles and saved $150,000 yearly by closing down a facility in Iskenderun and relocating the operation to a more efficient site.  During a 60-day strike against US forces, I provided leadership to assure the safety and life support for employees at two facilities that were located 750 miles apart.

United States Army, 840th US Army Transportation Battalion, Izmir, Turkey

From:  Dec. 1997  To:  June 1998

Salary:  not listed

Hours:  40+/week


KSAs: Responsibility and Initiative taker.  Operated, administered, and budgeted.  Responsible for operating two vehicle processing centers and a documentation section while monitoring administration section of 11 military and 20 Turkish civilians in Izmir and Iskenderun, Turkey.  Managed a $2 million budget and monitored assets in excess of $2.5 million.

United States Army, 330th Transportation Bn (MC), Ft. Bragg, NC  28307

From:  Dec. 1995  To:  Nov. 1997

Salary:  not listed

Hours:  40+/week

Position:  Battalion Sergeant Major & Vehicle Maintenance Manager

KSAs: Transactional Leader, Adaptability and Openness to Experience.  Rigorously trained 81 enlisted employees and 26 officers who worked in seven different organizations.  Named as subject matter expert in regards to the maintenance and management of vehicles as well as coordinating and arranging transportation support.  Provided aggressive leadership and training management that boosted soldier readiness from an unacceptable 665 to 96%.  Played a key role in the planning and executing transportation support for Operation Restore Democracy in Haiti and for Exercise Bright Star in Egypt.

United States Army, 706th MSB, Ft. Wainwright, AK  99703

From:  June 1991  To:  July 1993

Salary:  not listed

Hours:  40+/week

Position:  Motor Transportation Company Manager & First Sergeant

KSAs: Aim for Achievement (Conscientiousness), Moral Fulfillment and Drive.  Mentored and trained 71 employees while managing $10 million worth of equipment.  Directed administrative and logistical support for a trucking company with a fleet of 75 wheeled employees a new respect for safety and quality assurance and which resulted in more than 232, 000 accident-free in an arctic environment.

United States Army, 69th Transportation Bn., Camp Carroll APO SF  96460

From:  Oct. 1986  To:  June 1991

Salary:  not listed

Hours:  40+/week


KSAs: Stimulating communication (Extraversion), Industrious, and Problem solver.  Managed a 60 fleet vehicles’ medium truck company, directed long-haul transportation, and monitored distribution of cargo throughout Korea.  It was an organization which accumulated 1.5 million driving miles annually.  Managed 245 employees;   supervised operations of a driver’s training academy, oversaw four trailer transfer points, and operated a trailer maintenance center.  Responsible for successfully designing new Truck Transfer Point Procedures that expedited DOD cargo movement throughout Korea.  Solved numerous complex problems during major EUSA exercises.  Set up and managed a dining facility in a remote location which won the prestigious 1988 Connelly Competition.  Developed a driver’s education course that was evaluated as “superb”.

Available upon request.