Resume Review Essay

Resume ReviewFormat            The alignment used for the resume leaves too much space unused. The entire document could be shortened and the employment experience highlighted on the first page if a better alignment scheme is used. The font scheme is too irregular. There are 4 font sizes used not including the one used for the title (name of the resume owner). This should be reduced to just two.

The format for the headings under each job item is too scattered. The employer and employer’s address should be placed together opposite the dates of service and deemphasized. The organization used for the job descriptions under each job item is organized and the use of multi-level bullets is commendable.

The footer used is unnecessary and should be removed entirely. Under the education section, the degree should be emphasized whilst the university should be deemphasized.Content            The summary is concise and engaging. Under the employment experience section. the content under the responsibilities text block sometimes overlap with the achievements bullets. Only actual achievements with concrete results should be posted under the achievements bullets.

The writing style is appropriate for the most part with only a few minor verb usage errors. There is sufficient material to get the applicant hired to executive level positions in his line of work.