Retirement Planning Pensions and the Self Employed Essay

Now that the dust has started to settle following the recent convulsion in the fiscal universe, it is deserving reminding ourselves of a more traditional challenge confronting non merely our clients, but the population as a whole, making sufficient assets for a comfy and financially unafraid retirement.To cite from an article in the Times “ We are non salvaging sufficiently for our retirement and our age anticipation is greater ( we are populating longer ) .

The self employed can non trust on an employer to do pension agreements for them, in fact research shows that 53 % of work forces and 67 % of adult females who are self employed are non lending to a pension ” . ( )In recent old ages when discoursing this issue with my clients I have frequently heard “ my concern & A ; or my house is my pension ” , which possibly was true for those lucky plenty to retire prior to the recession and Banking crisis. But for those with programs to retire since so they have had to rethink their programs, due to troubles in the belongings market or being faced with selling their concern below the expected monetary value, if at all. The message now more than of all time is to hold more than one twine to your bow when planning for retirement to guarantee that sufficient fiscal options are available to let your clients to retire when they choose and at an acceptable criterion of life.

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After all if you are n’t speaking to them about this who is?With this in head it is critical that Pensions are portion of a scheme when planning for a comfy retirement.

Why see a pension program over other types of investing?

The most compelling statement for utilizing a pension is revenue enhancement alleviation and the favorable revenue enhancement intervention of the financess within a pension. Before we go on to look at the different types of measure uping pension programs it is reasonable to remind ourselves of the revenue enhancement intervention for pensions.Tax alleviation is available on all parts at the highest rate of revenue enhancement that is collectible, for illustration.

A basic rate revenue enhancement remunerator doing a gross payment of ?3600 will have revenue enhancement alleviation of ?720 a really good inducement that encourages parts.And for higher rate revenue enhancement remunerators this is more valuable and the figure rises to ?1,440.00.Unite this with virtually revenue enhancement free growing and the proposition becomes difficult to disregard for the ego employed particularly the higher rate revenue enhancement remunerator.It is of import to be cognizant that the regulations for higher rate revenue enhancement remunerators is altering following the pre budget study 2009, in peculiar for those with nonexempt income in surplus of ?130,000. Subsequently on in this article I will travel on to research these alterations in more item.

Types of pension strategies available to the ego employed

An advisor will see the different programs available and do a suited recommendation based on a client ‘s single fortunes. There are three discrepancies of Pensions available to the ego employed.


These are by and large considered to be a cost effectual option for clients who have unsophisticated planning demands. These strategies are capable to DWP ( Department of Work and Pensions ) ordinances and necessitate to be considered first earlier more complex strategies are used. The cardinal points are.

Flexible partsLow lower limit paymentsAPenalty-free transportationsLow Cost -A Charges can non be more than 1.5 % p.a of the fund valueA a yearA for the first 10 old ages, fallingA to 1 % after the 10th twelvemonth.Typically these types of pension will appeal to those that have uncomplicated pension demands. However they do non supply entree to a big scope of financess, or the whole scope of retirement options which we will see subsequently on in this article.

Personal Pension

Similar to a stakeholder strategy but allows entree to greater fund pick and can be more expensive as there is no ordinance impacting bear downing constructions. The figure of financess available, bear downing constructions and other options vary greatly therefore it can be dashing for the inexperient to take the most suited and cost effectual option.

Self Invested Pension Plan ( SIPP )

As the rubric suggest a SIPP will enable the client to choose their pension investings, although there are certain limitations such as residential belongings. Investings can be combination of assets or merely one.Examples of types of investings can include:authorities securitieshedge financessequitiesunit trustshard currencydirect commercial belongings ( normally a clients concern premises )existent estate investing trustsAs greater investing pick is available the strategies are more expensive, they besides offer greater flexibleness when it comes to taking benefits, this will be covered subsequently on this article.The SIPP besides has powers to borrow and can borrow up to half of the scheme assets. This is frequently used when the strategy purchases a commercial belongings.

A SIPP is appropriate for a client necessitating greater edification of investing pick and when taking benefits.It is absolutely possible for an person to possibly get down with a Stakeholder pension at the beginning of their pension planning journey and travel into more sophisticated contracts if their fortunes require it in the hereafter, after all why wage for extra options until they are required.Other types of investing should besides be considered, an advisor will see these types of investing vehicles alongside a pension fund, where appropriate, these typically could beISA ‘sInsurance Chemical bondsNational SavingssAs mentioned in my debut a combination of assets are likely to be used to construct assets for a comfy retirement and non merely one.


Funding a pension is of import, but merely every bit of import to your client is how the financess are invested once they have found a place in a pension strategy. Several factors will act upon this and they can be broken down into three countries for your clients.

Hazard, what degree of hazard are they prepared to take with their pension financess, are they really aggressive investors? Seeking high return for high hazard. Or Low Hazard, do they prefer smaller fluctuations in the value but prepared to accept lower returns, or someplace in between?A good advisor will take some clip analyzing this with a client, possibly taking them through a questionnaire that allows them to estimate a clients comfort zone when it comes to put on the line and honor.Time, how long earlier benefits might be taken i.e. if a client merely has a few old ages to retirement compared to state 30 old ages it is likely that a high hazard scheme would be inappropriate as a downswing in the markets merely before benefits are taken could drastically cut down the fund value and later the income and criterion of life they may anticipate.Charges, the more expensive the contract the more it will cut down the size of the pension fund. For illustration if your client is invested in a SIPP which typically has higher costs attached to it are they using the greater flexibleness that is offered or would they be better off in a cheaper Stakeholder pension?It is besides deserving retrieving that when markets are lifting so more expensive charges can be lost in the additions, but when markets fall the increased costs can be really noticeable.Again a good advisor will take all of these points in consideration when urging a suited contract and investing scheme.

There is besides the demand to be aware of HMRC regulations on support for the ego employed these are summarised as follows.To be eligible to do a pension part you must be a relevant UK person and loosely talking have UK nonexempt income.Anyone that is eligible can pay up to ?3,600 gross per revenue enhancement twelvemonth irrespective of net incomes and pension payments can be paid up to age 75.Contributions in surplus of ?3,600 can be made every bit long as the person has sufficient net incomes, the bound is 100 % of relevant UK net incomes topic to an overall one-year allowance of ?245,000 in 2009/10 lifting to ?255,00 2010/11 any parts in surplus of this will pull a 40 % charge.There is besides the Lifetime allowance a clients entire pension financess can non be greater than ?1.75m 2009/10 increasing to ?1.

8m 2010/11. Any extra over this bound will be capable to a life-time allowance charge of 55 % on any ball amount drawn and 25 % on income.

Important Changes confronting higher rate revenue enhancement remunerators

As I mentioned earlier in this article at that place have been alterations to the revenue enhancement intervention for some higher rate revenue enhancement remunerators.It is estimated that these alterations will impact 450,000 persons some of whom could good be your clients. ( Standard Life hypertext transfer protocol: //www.

techzone )Over an 8 month period the regulations changed and will consequence your clients on incomes in surplus of ?130,000 ( antecedently ?150,000 ) , holding been reduced in the Pre Budget study 9 December 2009.April 2009 saw the debut of the particular one-year allowance with the purpose of cut downing revenue enhancement advantages of pension parts for higher rate revenue enhancement remunerators. This is a impermanent step and will last until 5Th April 2011, when the authorities will implement its concluding regulations.

So what does this mean for your clients with incomes in surplus of ?130K

“ High income persons have a particular one-year allowance of the highest of:A basic allowance of ?20,000 ; orAn enhanced allowance of up to ?30,000. ( This can use where money purchase pension parts have been paid by, or on behalf of, the person less frequently than quarterly ( such as individual parts ) . It is based on the lower of ( a ) the norm of these infrequent parts in the three revenue enhancement old ages 2006/07, 2007/08 and 2008/09 and ( B ) ?30,000 ) ; or3. Their protected pension input sum. This is loosely based on their normal sum of regular pension proviso before 9 December 2009 ( or 22 April 2009 for those with relevant income of ?150,000 or more in the revenue enhancement old ages 2007/08, 2008/09, 2009/10 ) , but can include other pension proviso in some fortunes.

“ ( Standard Life hypertext transfer protocol: //www.techzone )If pension parts exceed these figures in this or the following revenue enhancement twelvemonth so there may be a particular one-year allowance revenue enhancement charge. The rate of the particular one-year allowanceA revenue enhancement charge for 2009/10 is 20 % .For the revenue enhancement twelvemonth 2010/11, A the revenue enhancement charge can be up to 30 % in some circumstancesA to reflect the debut of a 50 % rate of income revenue enhancement.

Crystallisation & A ; Beyond

When the clip comes for you client to see taking their benefits they typically will necessitate to be aged at least 55 ( unless your client is in a peculiar business that allows earlier retirement ) and 75 at the latest.There are a figure of ways benefits can be taken, all with different complexnesss and hazards involved. It is critical that they take advice at this phase to steer them through what is likely to be one of the most of import fiscal determinations of their lives.

Typically the first determination is whether your client wishes to take advantage of the PCLS ( Pension Commencement Lump Sum ) . This can be up to 25 % of the pension fund and is free of revenue enhancement, as opposed to the income from the rente which is nonexempt.This amount can be invested or used to refund debt. Once this determination has been made they so need to see how best to use the balance.There are assorted options available some more sophisticated than others, which we will travel on to look at now.

Lifetime rentes

Possibly the most common manner and will ever necessitate to be considered before looking at more hazardous or complex options ; a life-time rente converts the pension fund into an income for the remainder of your clients ‘ life. Lifetime rentes are provided by life insurance companies different options can be included, for illustration:A partners pensionAn impaired life rente, is aimed at persons in hapless wellness or smoke their life anticipation is shorter compared to a healthy individual an rente supplier will typically pay a greater sum. Some companies specialize in supplying impaired or tobacco user rentes merely.The older the client the higher the income strictly because an older individual has fewer old ages left to populate than person younger.On mean adult females live longer than work forces, so annuity figures will reflect this, a female will have a lower income than a male with the same fortunes.Last other determinations that are made such as whether the rente should be an increasing or degree and whether guaranteed periods are required. These will impact the sum paid out as these options are “ bought ” and typically intend that the client will get down with a lower income than if no options were used.

Insurance companies do offer really different footings for rentes, hence an Open Market Option ( OMO ) should ever be considered as the difference between the worst and the best companies can be considerable. The lone exclusion to this can be when typically older manner policies carry guaranteed rente rates which can be really attractive compared to today ‘s rates.


Guaranteed income for lifeNo investing hazardDisadvantagesFixed for life and can non be changedIf you die prematurely, your pension fund is lost ( apart from any covered by a warrant )

Investment-linked rentes

These are riskier options and are intended to supply a greater income than a guaranteed rente.

As the rubric suggests Investment-linked rentes put the pension fund into hazard related investings, with a position to the client profiting from better returns after retirement and hence an increased income ; nevertheless there is the hazard that the value of the fund could fall in value and have a negative consequence on the clients income.These types of rentes will hold higher charges attached to them which will impact on the degree of income paid outAdvantagesPotential for investing growingGreater income flexiblenessAnnuity rates could increase or your wellness could deteriorate ensuing in a better rateGuarantees on the degree of income and the size of your pension fund


Investing returns may be haplessMore expensive than rentesAnnuity rates might fall and cut down future income

Additional options

There are other options available and are likely to be more appropriate to those who have built up in surplus of ?100KGiven that there can be some drawbacks to purchasing a straightforward rente such as low rente rates or a client demands a more flexible attack to taking benefits so the following options should be considered.

Income Drawdown

The client is able to flexibly pull off the degree of income they take within lower limit and maximal bounds allowed by HMRC. It is possible to take no income and take the maximal PCLS until age 75. The HMRC bounds will depend on age, sex and returns from Government Securities and are calculated utilizing GAD ( Government Actuary ‘s Dept ) tabular arraies. By non purchasing an rente the balance can stay invested and go on to turn, capable to market conditions. This is known as full drawdown.

There are other discrepancies on drawdown frequently referred to as Phased Drawdown and Dripfeed drawdown.Phased allows you take income and PCLS in phases and can supply a more flexible decease benefits


This option can be used to good consequence when a client requires a regular sum of income and is made up of an sum of PCLS and income from the fund within the HMRC guidelines detailed above and can be between 0 % and 120 % of the relevant GAD bounds. This can be used to minimise the revenue enhancement a client wage and has utile decease benefit deductions.Short-run rentesAll or portion of the fund can be used to purchase a fixed-term rente which can last up to five old ages. Merely as with conventional rentes assorted options can be chosen.

At the same clip, the balance of the fund remains invested. At the terminal of the term another short-run rente can be arranged or they can unite income from a short-run rente with income drawdown. It is of import to be cognizant that the client must procure a pension income from the fund by their seventy-fifth birthday. Typically this will be a lifetime rente.


Allows control of retirement incomeAn rente can be taken at any pointRemainss invested and can profit from growing


Annuity rates could fallInvesting returns might be hapless accordingly cut downing fund valueAlternatively secured pensionIf by age 75 an rente has n’t been purchased, another option is to utilize an instead secured pension. This works in a similar manner to unbarred pensions but has different bounds and regulations. Inheritance revenue enhancement and other important revenue enhancement charges may use to any left over financess on decease.


Alternate to taking an rente at age 75Some flexibleness over the income degree you takeCan stay invested to profit from possible growing


The sum you can take could cut down if your pension pot does n’t turn sufficientlyDrawdown bounds are lower than for unbarred pension and based on an rente for a 75-year-oldDeath benefits are restrictive and your fund could be capable to revenue enhancementLast there are other options if a client does n’t desire to perpetrate to a lifetime rente but does n’t desire the investing hazards of income backdown. These comparatively new merchandises pay a regular income and offer warrants of either:Investing growing or the sum of pension fund they can anticipate to hold left to purchase an rente subsequently on. It is of import to be cognizant that they will transport greater costs in return for the warrant provided.A client that wishes to to the full retire at a certain age is likely to be more interested in the more simple rente attack, nevertheless some may prefer to reel their retirement, may be working two or three yearss a hebdomad to get down off with and so easy ease into full retirement.

This is where more complex solutions such drawdown is more appealing, as any extra income required to exceed up the loss of net incomes can be generated on a more ad hoc footing and as revenue enhancement expeditiously as possible.In decision personal pensions in their assorted pretenses represent a really utile and valuable manner of planning for retirement and should play a big portion in the higher rate revenue enhancement remunerator ‘s fiscal scheme.Recommending of the usage of a pension can merely heighten your relationship with your client as can be utilizing a good independent fiscal advisor to rede them.