Rf Gsm Mobile Jammer Computer Science Essay

This Concluding Year Project ( FYP ) rubric is RF GSM nomadic jammer. The chief intent of this Final Year Undertaking is planing a nomadic jammer that enables user to throng the nomadic devices at unsought topographic points such as meeting room, category room, library, and worship topographic points. The nomadic device can throng all the nomadic devices nearby. Therefore, it is required to plan a complete system which contents power system, IF subdivision and RF subdivision. Basically, this device operates at GSM frequences which are GSM900 and GSM1800.

GSM 900 is a designed for extended wireless coverage even in rural countries. District of columbia 1800 is designed for wireless coverage in countries with really high endorser denseness. Communication thronging device was foremost developed by military. the device was used for denying the successful conveyance of information from the transmitter ( tactical commanding officers ) to the receiving system ( army personal ) , and vice-versa. Nowadays, the nomadic devices are going really of import for our day-to-day life. Here in Malaysia, there are three telecommunication companies such as Celcom, Maxis and Digi.

All of these telecommunication companies are utilizing double set of frequences such as GSM900 and GSM 1800. Even thought utilizing of cell phone is every of import for our day-to-day life but these cell phone devices are making some jobs as the sound of pealing becomes raging or interrupting in our environment. So the device jammer is the solution to avoid the annoyance or disrupting of the cell phone devices. As I mentioned early, the device jammer consists of three subdivisions which are power supply, IF subdivision and RF subdivision.

The engineering behind the jammer device is that, RF subdivision transmits signals in frequence scope which is rather similar to frequency scope of cell phone device. These signals which are coming out from jammer device will interface cell phone signals which consequences in a no web available show on cell phone screen. For this Final Year Undertaking, there are rather a figure of the Discrete Components Modules and Integrated Chip Modules. From the block diagram that is shown in Figure 1. 1 ; the Discrete Component Modules cover the Voltage Controller Oscillator, Reference Oscillator.

While the Integrated Chip Modules cover the Modulator, Mixer and Power Amplifier. Some planing package plans are used for this Final Year Undertaking, such as Express PCB, PSpice and Multisim 8 are used for pulling the conventional diagram. The lab equipments such as Vector Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope and Signal Generator are used for proving the hardware faculties. Further item of the Discrete Component Modules will be discussed in Chapter 3 of this study. While for the Integrated Circuit Modules will be explained is detail in the chapter 4.

In this chapter many old researches in the iamming signals field and. In add-on, their designs and edifice building will be noted. This chapter will be about the constituents and their work sing to the undertaking Fieldss and constructs which will be done. In add-on it is like cardinal points to chapter four that will incorporate the undertaking chief design portion. This chapter will be about the whole undertaking hardware planing and that will cover the circuits design, edifice and constituents chosen. Besides it will cover things that need to be considered in building the device.

Within this chapter the studies will be about the obstructions that faced while making the whole undertaking some are theoretical such as restrictions and other are human been preciseness in planing the system. Last this chapter will cover and discusses the concluding end product consequences achieved. This chapter will be about the future restriction and some recommendation for the undertaking. Finally decision will be given to supply a brief cognition about the undertaking. This undertaking has been assigned to me as the concluding twelvemonth undertaking.

The accomplishment of the whole undertaking must be done with the specified period that is two semesters of the university analyzing program. The undertaking work would be divided into parts sing to the clip given. In the first trimester I started garnering information and seeking for related researches that support the undertaking. Besides reading through the theoretical beginnings of the GSM jamming signal is done with the aid and advice of the several supervisor. At the same clip many old designed have been studied and comparing between them accrued. The terminal of the first stage I did a presentation about what have been done.

The 2nd stage is concerned about the concluding design that I have to come out with. Then I started garnering the constituents and all the beginnings of the hardware needed. After holding all constituents edifice of the device has taking topographic point at the clip. Testing of the concluding design constructed and alterations are made. Finally the end product of the device has to be recorded for more than one clip to calculate out if there is any difference in the end products achieved and so observing all the end product within the concluding study which is called the certification of the public presentation of the undertaking.

This Chapter covers the faculty that uses the distinct constituents or lumped constituents to construct the circuit. The distinct constituent that is used for concept the circuiting the circuits are inductances, capacitances, transistors, resistances and rectifying tubes. The faculties to be discussed in this chapter are Voltage Regulator, Reference Oscillator, Voltage Controlled Oscillator ( VCO ) and Antenna. Every electronic and electrical device needs the power supply or electromotive force supply to power them up.

For this undertaking, all the circuit besides required the electromotive force supply to power up. The electromotive force that is needed in this undertaking is from 0. 75V to 5V. A battery can non precisely obtain the supply electromotive force that is required. Therefore a electromotive force regulator is used in this undertaking. Besides, electromotive force splitter is besides used in this undertaking to obtain the electromotive force values that can non be obtained from the electromotive force regulator.

For this subdivision we will discourse the electromotive force regulator and the electromotive force splitter that is used to obtain the different value of the electromotive force. As discuss in the Chapter 1, RF sender consists of many faculties. Different faculties need different electromotive force to power up. The most common electromotive force used in this undertaking is 12V and 5V. These two electromotive forces values are converted from the Voltage Regulator and batteries as the beginning of electromotive force regulator.

The first electromotive force regulator used is the Voltage Regulator IC 7805. It is the electromotive force regulator that produces the end product electromotive force 5V every bit long as the input supply is 6V to 12V. If the DC supply is more than 12V, the full board will bring forth inordinate heat and will damage the board. Figure 3. 1: Circuit and connexion diagram of the 7805 Voltage Regulator The connexion of the 7805 Voltage Regulator required some lump constituent in order to obtain the stable electromotive force supply.

The circuit board requires two braces of 10uF and 0. 1uF beltway capacitance to stifle the AC constituent or noise. The rectifying tube IN4002 is used to let the current flow in one way merely. By constructing this circuit, a stable and low noise 5V electromotive force can be generated. Different circuit must be supplied the different electromotive force supply in order to power up the circuit. If the electromotive force supplied is over its restriction, the bit or constituent of the circuit will fire and do the circuit board to damage.