Rhetorical Analysis Of A Vintage Essay

They make it seem as though smoking is the “American” way of life, UT the first thought that came into my was, “wow, how can they use kids to promote smoking, knowing how deadly it is to your health? ” In most cases these advertisements get their point across. Their big red captivating letters and well-illustrated pictures attract our attention, leaving us victims of great advertisement. In this particular ad the big red letters used were, “Happy birthday dad, we know your Abs’s”, the BBC stands for, Always Buy Chesterfield cigarettes.

It also stands for Always milder, Better tasting, Cooler mocking. Avis implying that Chesterfield brand of tobacco is the best brand there is and that it makes you “cooler” if you smoke them. The picture of the mother and son looking happy and smiling indicates that they are excited to see the fathers reaction when he opens his gift. The picture of the pack of cigarettes itself is small, in my opinion, it is mostly because they are not trying to emphasize much on the package since the design is not so appealing, but essentially on the message they are bringing across.

This tobacco company is implying that it is k for a son to give his father this kind of a gift and that it is k for his father to smoke cigarettes. Tobacco companies use very specific techniques to sell their products. Cigarette manufactures spend millions of dollars per year on the advertisement of their products. This ad, like many tobacco ads entice consumers to try their many different kinds of “cancer sticks”. Since many years ago, the cigarette companies have been trying to get people to smoke. Through ads, TV commercial, billboards and magazines, mocking has been illustrated as going along with independence, careers, as well as beauty.

The pictures they use on these advertisements are of slim, beautiful men and women encouraging consumers like us to try their products, giving the idea that smoking makes us thin. They try to market in any which way possible and their target includes kids, teenagers and of course, adults. A research conducted showed that , “By observing the prevalence and proximity of the tobacco advertisements to public schools, searchers found that school children who were more exposed to these ads were more likely to experiment with cigarettes and other tobacco products”.