Rhetorical: Interracial Marriages Essay

Rhetorical Analysis of “Seek Success: Marry Someone like yourself’ In today’s society, interracial couples are seen differently than they were seen twenty years ago.

In “Seek Success: Marry Someone like yourself,” an article by Sue Richardson in The Dallas Morning News published, March 14, 1993, describes her attitude towards interracial couples and how she feels “horrified” and “terrified”.In her article, Richardson purpose is both to erasure couples not to marry into interracial unions and to criticizing those who do. She is persuading her readers that they shouldn’t engage in interracial marriage because there are “too-many differences,” that it wouldn’t work out. She does this by using a critical tone. Richardson begins her article by expressing her disapproval of interracial marriage. She uses on point descriptions of the experiences of her friends’ struggling marriages in order to prove her view.Comparing these two seems o show that inner-racial marriages are more successful than outer-racial marriages.

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She proves her claim by giving examples of couples, she knows personally who had relationships that weren’t successful in the end. She describes this view by stating the relationships’ success rate is “between zero to none”. Another way Sue Richardson relates her claim is by using long structured sentences, such as compound and compound complex sentences, to introduce the matters in a more informative sense.

This makes the article flow and transition throughout each sentence and paragraph. The purpose is to relate all the sentences she writes into one subject, to prove her point of view. Overall, the author, Sue Richardson, expresses her perspective on interracial marriages as a critical acclaim.

She uses both persuasion and critical points of views to help get her point across on interracial marriages and uses her own experiences to help prove them.