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Management Report Designing Decision Support Systems CMS-3-DSS Jenny Selvarajah (Task 1) Case Study Based Coursework Faculty of Business 2012-2013 Submission Date: 24/10/2012 Tutor: Louis Spring Word Count: Main body ( 1,200) Overall : (Task 1) Case Study Based Coursework Faculty of Business 2012-2013 Submission Date: 24/10/2012 Tutor: Louis Spring Word Count: Main body ( 1,200) Overall : Table of Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY3 MISHAR CARGO Worldwide LTD4-6 PROBLEMS AND RELATIONS and Required Information References…………………………………………………………………………………………………7 Executive Summary MISHAR IN THIS REPORT I WILL BE IDENTIFYNG AND DISCUSSING SOME THE PROBLEMS THAT HAVE OCCURRED IN THE ORAGNISAION AND HOW THEY ARE RELATED AS WELL AS WHAT IS THE REQURED INFORMATION TO BE PICKED UP FORM THE PROBLEM SITUATION TO BE SOLVED. Problems and Required Information In The Organisation MISHAIR LTD There are may problems found in the organisations which I have categories in which department they are and what problems they are related to. Also we would be looking at the required data for each of these problems. Transport

The first issue found is that there is a problem with the supply chain as more deliveries have been given late deliveries. The right information needs to be given on time, and at the right date. Even if there is a technical system that enables staff to input the right data if the staff don’t have enough experience of using those systems then there is problem. Second issue is Inaccuracy in the communication between employer and delivery service. This is related to transportation with the supply chain. This issue has to do a lot with employer and employee relations.

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As well as the problem of handling of dangerous goods as specific requirements need to be met to having protective measure it’s a problem as this can cause damaged goods if its not handled with experienced staff. . Health and Safety Health and safety issue that is related to having a secure temperature levels for certain products as its very dangerous for consumer in case there is side affect when the consumer uses the pharmaceuticals as some need to be kept in certain temperatures as well as battery level as it’s a refrigerated facility.

There is a high demand in security measures of Health and Safety of the Products are being transported as some are dangerous as it could affect the staff that are delivering the products as its in the flight, security measures as the temperature variation more than (2oC) which is very precise in maintaining the container units. Time management The products are not being imported and exported on time due to lack of communication between staff.

Information that is required of them is shift times, delivery times. Employer issue Another issue is that the companies have a high volume of staff turnover so that there is always a new person that needs new training which is time consuming ,as well as not tactical or strategic as the organisation need to have long term staff that have experience with the how to function the machines and system that is used. Also they need motivation as well as certain software as more training is done online e. . motivational speakers online that can help to motivate staff ,getting to know the employees so that the strengths and weakness of staff are identified in order to put them at the right department to work for. This is related to time management inefficiency in the working environment can cause a lot of problems in the running of the business. Relating to transportation as there is no technical system that enables the staff to know delivery dates and times. This is all based on time management.

Another issue found is that due to lack of motivation as penalties are being given out for damaged goods and mistakes which is costly for the company. As this high value of pharmaceutical products are been transported it is vital that vehicle drivers of the company need to drive with caution which is another issue found, this is a tactical also strategic problem as the company chosen for the delivery of those products need to be applicable to meets their needs of security. There is also a slight issue between consumer and manufacturer as both are in dis-agreement of keeping up with cool chain requirements.

This is an operational issue as from an employer and employee perspective their always needs to be a good relationship between manufacture and consumer as the pharmaceutical products needs to have high level in security measures and the manufacturer intrusts the consumer with his products. This is related to another issue found with theft in organisation MISHAIR. This is decsions should be based at a organisational and strategic level as you need to aware of company regulations regarding the products as well as strategic on knowing who you can work with best.

There could be relation between working staff and transportation as this might have been caused because of the lack of communication between staff there is no 50:50 between who to blame on the late delivery. As it would be a hassle if there is a late delivery the staff would need to phone the company. Financial Now the organisation is looking at taxes and fuel costs rising a problem mentioned in the case study. This problem is related to two other problems which is lack of staff communication as well as transportation as they are the key aspects in making profit in an organisation.

The work flow of the staff and whether the products are delivered on time with no security issues. Also this could be based on the pharmaeuticals products so some products have VAT on them and fuel costs could be related to the miles of the destination of the products being delivered the longer the distance the higher the fuel costs. Another problem found which is within the finance category is investments been made with insufficient funds as profits are not been made which is lack of work efficiency in the staff as they are not trained correctly as of the consistency of staff turnover.

The information required is profit and loss accounts when they have insufficient funds they can check with risk assessment department , which is also another issue found. The risk assessment department didn’t have the right information and staff not knowing how to analyse those risks for those companies invested as there is always a regularity or an accounting system that a company uses so that they are able to work at a satisfactory level.

There is an issue with the equipment that needs to be regularly updated as its part of the health and safety precautions, staff being trained and alert of when to change batteries of the refrigerator as it needs re-icing if it’s a very long delivery time. This is related to another problem as quality and integrity of data not maintained properly. The required information for this would be all data on staff, delivery services , delivery times, shift times, salary, investments, finances, cash-flow etc.

Legislations There is an issue of updating the national and international legislation this could be through statuary and national authorities. This is vital as they are an international business so there are special regulations for some products as some are not allowed in certain countries so the right permits and documentation for transportation. This related to consistency of staff as new staff turnover as well having the right legal data to be inputted in the system. To Conclude:

A lot of the these problems are related to one problem which is staff , because the consistency of new staff there is structure within the organisation which is causing a lot of other issue within the company financially, legally, health and safety ,transportation. If there is no professional relationships with staff members then their would be no team-work an the job would not get done on deadline.

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