Riding the white sand riding along the Mexico

Riding an ATV or Dune
buggy in the Imperial Sand Dunes is an exhilarating experience. However, while
speeding through the crater formed sand dunes is the most entertaining and a
fun adventure you will experience on four wheels for an outdoor recreational
activity, it can be dangerous at the same time because one needs exceptionally
high speeds to keep on going. The Adrenalin level becomes so high and your
heart is racing when you reach a “bowl-hole” what is the top of a sand dune and
you see how steep the crater is because overnight winds will change the look
and design of the trails and have formed different dunes the next morning.

Before you can experience this adventure, you need to be prepared and pack the
motorhome with food and water. Load the ATV or Dune Buggy with necessary tools,
air compressor, Flags and safety Riding gear. Setting up the campsite and
enjoying quality time with friends and family around a campfire in the evening
makes this setting very relaxing and comforting.  The scenery of the natural environment you are
in is outstanding by day and night. The Stars shine clear and bright at night
in the desert.  When you hit the trails
as a group, riding over and in the enormous dunes that are fantastic their beauty
of the white sand riding along the Mexico Boarder line, feeling free in the
twilight zone.

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There is a surprising
link between the California Sand Dunes and its Geology. The California Sand
Dunes are a historical development of giant Sand dunes with steep craters, due
to a combination of extreme and not so extreme changing weather conditions.

This class teaches about the science that occurs on the planet earth, which is
our only known life-bearing planet and you can live and experience them
entirely in the Sand Dunes. Earth Science covers the branches of meteorology
and astronomy, which are sciences that genuinely expand our knowledge of the
natural world 4.5 billion year history and our human place in it. In this class,
we completed a study about climate change, natural hazards like landslides,
volcanoes, earthquakes, and floods, but also about energy, water, and mineral
recourses. It teaches us how the air, plants, and organisms have a relationship
with each other and the impact of the human’s activity on Earth’s environment
to help find with the best research, different methods how to protect our
planet earth.

environmental concerns of the sand dunes have been placed on a watch, where
off-roaders are restricted to the one area. They cannot just ride everywhere on
the 25 million acre desert because there are significant signs, that proof
riding the motorcycles, ATV’s, dune buggies, which speed through the sand dunes
are literally tearing up the different parts of the delicate desert areas.

These activities have already scared it for decades by destroying unique animals
and plant life. Now all off-roaders have to be licensed and registered by the
state, to be able to enter the park. Note that off-roading and sand dunes are a
dangerous activity. Sandstorms can wipe all the trails away and you have to be
careful to survive and get out of the dune maze. Some believe, when crashing in
the sand it will feel like landing in new snow, but instead, the sand is hard.

Several hundred people get seriously injured on the Sand Dunes, with

broken arms or legs, broken
ribs or cracked skulls. I have once experienced a sandstorm while riding in the
dunes on my ATV and it was a terrifying feeling, the violence of the sand and
dust flying at high speed past me. The dunes can be very dangerous, when not
physically and mentally fit. Most important is, one can depend on their group and
teambuilding becomes a valuable component during this trip. One just has to try
it out, to understand this danger and the unique feeling of excitement and
enjoyment this adventure has to offer.