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Right Claims Services Assessing Your ClaimAirlines have to provide passengers with compensation based on particular European regulations- in particular, Regulation (EC) no. 261/2004. We will carefully analyse your unique situation against these regulations, to see whether or not you may be entitled to more compensation. In some cases, the airline can claim that they are not responsible for the disruption, but when they are, we will do everything in our power to ensure you get the money that you are entitled to. We also look at the laws and regulations of the country in question, for any further information which may be relevant to your claim.Detailed Flight DataTo give your claim the best chance of success, we need all the info we can get about the flight in question. For that reason, we collect detailed flight data on millions of flights around the world, which we can then use to assess the validity of your claim. We’ll start building your dossier around this information, to ensure that we can present a strong claim to the airline.Weather ConditionsIf you’re able to prove that there were no adverse weather conditions on the day of your flight, then that goes a long way to boosting the validity of your claim. That’s why we collect as much weather data as possible, across every European airport and flight route, to prove that the disruption was the fault of the airline.Following Up Your ClaimOnly about one in 20 self-submitted compensation claims to airlines is successful. With the other 19, they think that they can simply brush you off- but we won’t accept that. It’s often necessary to write to airlines and enforcement bodies multiple times to get results, so that’s exactly what we’ll do on your behalf. By putting pressure on them and presenting our evidence, we have an extraordinary success rate for retrieving your rightfully owed compensation.Always Here to HelpOur team of friendly, helpful claims assistants are always on hand to answer any questions you might have, and ensure that your claim runs smoothly. If there’s anything you need help with, we are only ever an email away, and we do our best to ensure that all emails are followed up as quickly as possible.Multiple Passengers CoveredEven if multiple people were travelling together on the same flight, we can still process them all as part of the same claim. All we need from them is a signature, and we can then work on obtaining compensation for your whole group. Please note that we are unable to claim compensation on behalf of infants under the age of 2.Expert Lawyers On Hand to HelpOften, airlines will try to avoid paying you the full amount you are due- which is why we put pressure on them to meet their legal obligations. Our professional legal team will help decide the best way forward for your claim, and ensure that your claim is a success.No Legal Fees to PayShould the airline still refuse to pay out even after we have shown they are legally obliged to, then we will contact you to ask if we can take legal action on your behalf. We will only do this in extraordinary circumstances, but when we do take a claim to court, around 98% of our clients are successful in their claims. If your case goes to court, then we simply increase our commission to a flat 50% (plus 20% VAT)- there are no legal fees for you to pay, and no risk of you losing any money.No Win, No FeeUnlike other claims companies, we don’t charge you a penny to submit or process your claim. We only charge a 25% commission (plus 20% VAT). once we’ve claimed your payment from the airline- meaning if we don’t win your claim, we won’t charge a fee. This policy also covers any legal action which may arise as part of your claim, so you really have nothing to lose by submitting your claim today!