Right Wing Terror Groups Essay

In what ways are right wing terror groups bonded together by racism, religion, and anti-governmentalism? Right wing terror groups are bonded together by racism, religion and anti-governmentalism in many ways. Right wing terror groups directly or indirectly stay together, work together or hand in hand, from time to time, in joint actions and operations that can yield a result that is beneficial to all the groups involved, or placed themselves in similar section in the social echelon because these groups all find a particular similarity despite the differences of the group when it comes to issue in focus for the group. Whether it is religion, race or anti-governmentalism, all of these groups find a system interlinked with each of the different institutions, wherein something that they believe is wrong is currently happening. The puritan and self-righteous characteristics of the right wing terror groups like KKK and skinhead groups (Knight, 2005) made them position themselves in the same moral high ground and exclusivity in the different aspects of social life.The same characteristic of puritanism and exclusivity among right wing terror groups makes these groups stand together in the same ground, often fighting versus status and system that favored heterogeneity and allowances for people and their beliefs, characteristics and social features that are different from the ruling majority.

An example of this is strong sentiment versus immigrants and their position as strongly racist/purist. “Right wing terrorist groups often have strong overtones of racist and anti-foreigner, anti immigrant sentiment (Aubrey, 2004, p. 45).” They believe that they are cognizant of the problems in race, religion and the government, feeling that one of the most important solutions and steps is towards homogeneity and puritanism, and because of that, they all share the moral obligation to correct it.

Through racism, religion and anti-governmentalism, all of these right wing terror groups manage to find the justification that they need to pursue the groups’ particular course of action towards correcting what they believe is wrong and taking it upon themselves to effect the needed/necessary stimulus for change.The right to bear arms, 2nd Amendment and Right Wing Terror Groups The right to bear arms in the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights come into play among right wing terror groups by using this particular right or freedom of an individual to morally and constitutionally justify the action of the members of these groups in the bearing and using of arms and weapons so that they can defend the country from what it believes as wrong happenings, wrong system and faults in the government. Right wing terrorist groups might have mistaken themselves as the realization of the idea of the need for the presence of a militia, who can fight a system when it is wrong and is negatively affecting the lives of the public. The second amendment believes that it is important for individuals to have the right to arm themselves so that they can fight back against oppression inflicted by others unlawfully and immorally through arms. Right wing terror groups believe they fit the bill since they are self proclaimed fighters for different particular causes (religion, government, race, etc).

How has Odinism become a part of the equation for some? Odinism has become a part of the equation for some right wing terror group because for right wing terror groups that has opposed popular and dictatorial institutions (like Christianity for religion). One of the important steps to justify their action and be morally equipped to do that is to adhere to a belief that is not representative of the popular and dictatorial institutions. Right wing terror groups that are anti-Christianity may have studied the history of Odinism among European and western society and how Christianity usurped Odinism immorally through sword and sermon. This characteristic of Christianity makes Odinism a favorable alternative to religion for right wing terror groups that need to be affiliated with a religious institution that represents their ideals, or that which is not manipulated by politics and has a political hand, something that Odinism possess, especially since Christianity today is as much a religion as it is a political circle.

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