Riley: Republic and French Revolution Essay

Two Revolutions Complete and submit this assignment by the due date to receive full credit. (50 points) The French Revolution began less than two decades after the American Revolution. In many ways, the American experience was an inspiration for the citizens of France. But the people of the two countries had different situations and had different concerns, which influenced the way each revolution began, progressed, and ended. In this assignment you will write an essay that compares and contrasts the two revolutions.In your essay, include information on the economic, political, or social conditions that were present; events that took place as each revolution progressed; and the final outcome of each. Did the people achieve their original goals? Did their goals change? Were they satisfied with the outcome or did conditions worsen? To begin, consider the characteristics of each country, such as the following: Answer: The French Revolution was plotted by the person who helped the Americans in their own, therefore both revolutions have many things in common.However, they were different countries, which means that they had different cultures and were different in a lot of ways.

The Americans planned their revolution for many years and continued with economic, and military help from the French. Once the revolution was over, they were a republic and signed the treaty in Paris. When the French return to France they realize that they don’t have the freedom America does and they helped them fight for it. So, the French started planning their own revolution.The American Revolution was about the independence of a country.

The people that planned it were the Capitalist Middle-Class. The high-class were the British and the lower classes the slaves and workers. The capitalist wanted a different government. They wanted a democracy.

The capitalists are the founders of the United States. They believed in working hard to make money and do what they wanted with it. The French revolution was about human rights.

They would work really hard and save money.Along the years they had almost more money than the nobility. The more money they had the more taxes would be raised. The bourgeoisie realized that they had no rights, they were more in quantity, they had more money than the higher classes and they just helped the Americans get their freedom from another country when they didn’t had freedom in their own country. Then they started planning their revolution. The bourgeoisie were not the founders of the country, but were the ones who executed the revolution.The capitalists lead the revolution but didn’t fight in it and the created a new government. Both were fought by discontent lower classes – In France, the peasants rose against the nobles.

In America, colonials rose against British royalty. They were successful and created new states – the French monarchy became a Republic and the colonies became the United States. The Reign of Terror – after the monarchy in France had been overthrown, the country entered into chaos. During this time, a “mobocracy” ruled the nation.This never existed in post-war America, where only aristocrats could vote at the time. After the French Revolution, France became an aggressive state.

The French tried to export Republicanism to other parts of Europe. America, on the other hand, tried to remain isolated… Both felt like the common man was being over taxed, the govern bodies were taking personal freedoms away, had a class society.

Fortunately, both succeeded in overthrowing their governments. Overtime neither were happy with the outcomes and will revolt again.