Riordan Manufacturing Security Essay

Team “C” was hired by Riordan Manufacturing direction to pass the security features presently employed by the company. Management outlined a comprehensive program that included a complete hardware refresh. security best patterns and stop user preparation. Team “C” will give resources to measure the physical and web security issues and concerns at each Riordan works. Once those have been identified. Team “C” will place the informations security issues and concerns present at each Riordan works. Finally.

Team “C” will turn to web security issues and concerns present at each Riordan works and urge a manner forward for the company.Riordan Manufacturing Background Riordan Manufacturing is a planetary plastics maker using 550 people with jutting one-year net incomes of $ 46 million. The company is entirely owned by Riordan Industries. a Fortune 1000 endeavor with grosss in surplus of $ 1 billion.

Its merchandises include fictile drink containers produced at its works in Albany. Georgia. usage plastic parts produced at its works in Pontiac. Michigan.

and fictile fan parts produced at its installations in Hangzhou. China. The company’s research and development is done at the corporate central office in San Jose.

Riordan’s major clients are automotive parts makers. aircraft makers. the Department of Defense. drink shapers and bottlers.

and contraption makers ( Riordan Manufacturing. 2013 ) . Each site manages their web that communicates straight with the corporate office in San Jose. The three outlying sites do non pass on with each other without traveling straight through the corporate office. This is the biggest alteration Team “C” will suggest.

Communications between the four webs should be existent clip and should be linked.Physical Security Concerns The initial reappraisal of the physical security of the Riordan Manufacturing Network identified some major concerns: * Single point of failure – The three sketching webs run through the corporate office in order to portion information. If the corporate office is down. so the information from the other three offices can non be shared. * Lack of Redundancy – The webs presently merely have one way out.

For case. if the gateway/switch at the Hangzhou. China works goes down. the assorted sections running off that switch will be isolated from the remainder of the web.Communication Barrier – Communication between the three US bases sites with the Hangzhou site could present some challenges. Guarantee the physical security policies employed in the United States are besides allowed in China.

* Facility Security – There was non much reference of the physical security facets that are employed at each site. Recommend making a comprehensive reappraisal of the physical security of each composite and urge security characteristics to each distinguishable location. Highly recommend the corporate office displacement to a common entree card ( CAC ) entry to the installation. Backups – Did non see a backup program. Ensure backups are conducted day-to-day and the off-site transcripts are maintained.

Network Security Concerns The Network security facets of our reappraisal are aligned with most of what was identified with the physical concerns.There are to boot points that identified that demand to be addressed: * Language. The three US site webs will hold to be able to have informations through the Chinese web ( Compatibility issue ) .

Ensure that the US based webs are able to have and treat Chinese code/language. Security Policy – Ensure that the rigorous policies enforced on the three US based webs will be compliant in China. The Chinese authorities has strict limitations on information entree.

Necessitate to guarantee Chinese security policies are followed and that company information is non compromised.* Single point of failure – As addressed in the physical security. the webs as constructed have assorted individual points of failure. If a switch or router goes down. the whole web is isolated from carry oning concern.

Different Operating Environments – Most of the company is running on Windows 7 environment. nevertheless. MAC PRO’s are being used at the corporate office and this could take to some compatibility issues between Windows and MAC environments. * Obsolete equipment – Many of the sites are utilizing old web equipment. Recommend puting in new switches and routers to heighten the processing and web velocity. Conclusion Team “C” has identified legion countries of concern with the Riordan webs.

Those points will be address separately at each location and be submitted in a comprehensive reappraisal.