Rising costs of textbooks Essay

Many people will agree that college is a huge part of most people’s future. College will open many doors throughout your life, and the key to success in college is studying. Most college professors will require you to have more than one textbook during a semester, and when you first hear about he textbooks required, the school sends you to the bookstore on campus which will have the majority of the books. The rising price of textbooks is becoming an issue. Even though the school bookstore has to make a profit off of textbooks, the prices are too high considering the quantity of books students need for all classes.

Why are the prices of textbooks so high? And, why are the prices growing as rapidly as they are? The overall cost of college is tremendously higher than what it was ten or fifteen years ago. And it is very rare that students and their families are able to pay for college completely without taking out some kind of student loans. Do textbooks deserve to be this price? Are they really all that different than what they used to be? For the most part, textbooks have always had nearly the same information as they always have. But with more style and design on the cover and throughout the book.

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The prices of everything are constantly rising due to inflation. Not too long ago, gas prices reached four dollars a gallon. The highest in history. With prices going up in nearly every category, the price of textbooks were affected and raised as well. It seems that publishing companies and authors are taking advantage of students, due to the fact that they have to buy textbooks, across the country just to make as much profit as they can. How much profit do they even make off of one textbook? Some textbooks required for class are over a hundred dollars to rent. Not even to buy and make your own, to rent and return after the semester. And that’s if its not damaged in any way, which will cost you more. Some courses like math, only require one giant book. But, other courses like philosophy or psychology will want you to acquire up to five books, for only one semester of class, costing an average of thirty dollars per book.

The difference between high school and college, is that in high school you are given one book that the teachers teach material straight out of each and
every class. In college, you do not have to do anything. The teachers do not make you get any books, or anything for that matter. That is all on your shoulders. And sometimes the professors do not even teach out of the textbooks that they require you to go out and buy. They say the textbooks are not required, but in order to do well in the class you need more than just notes given during lectures.

You can order books off of many websites or even check local bookstores. But, it takes a while for them to be sent and delivered to your house, and most times you will get charged a substantial amount for shipping. With most books needed, you need to get a certain edition, new editions are produced every year. And not all bookstores carry and sell the latest edition needed. It is also becoming very popular to share a book with a friend or roommate, instead of both spending a hundred dollars on a book, one person buys it, or rents it, and the other buys a different book. To “mix and match” textbooks with a buddy will spread out the content and diversity of the material to each student.

Don’t teachers and the schools want their students to succeed in their classes? Then lets try to keep the prices of textbooks to a minimum, so students can save some money to spend on other things to help their cause. Lowering the prices will also lower the pressure put on students by the school and their families. Everyone involved in the university should be aware of the rising prices each and every year, and should communicate with each other and do something about stopping the inflation rate. Textbooks are a key resource to college, and something should be done about the outrageous prices.