It Risk Assessment Essay

Operators should check all cables of all powered tools or equipments before use and report the faulty ones.

Mobile scaffolding Unauthorized adjustments may lead to instability. Mismatch of components may cause collapse or topple. Ensure daily pre-user checks are carried out. Make sure the quantity, quality and compatibility of the components prior to erection. Hidden pipes and cables Operatives risk a possible electric shock during drilling holes through walls.

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Cable locating device should be used before drilling through walls starts.Sharp objects/materials Operators risk injury of cutting themselves or piercing. All drill bits will be carried in a tool belt and removed and fitted accordingly to instructions.

Working at heights Falling objects may injure people around. Falling of staff may cause fractures or lead to fatality. Platform trellis, with guardrail used for stairwells and operators are trained in how to put it up, use and dismantle. Sufficient step ups should be available. Manual handling Back pain from lifting heavy objects. Trolleys should be used to lift heavy objects. Slips and fallsStaff and visitors maybe injured if they trip or slip on spillages. General housekeeping.

All areas should be well lit Staff should keep working area clear. NO trailing leads or cables. Electricity Operators also risk potential risk of electric shock during installation process. Site manager should arrange for permanent electric supply to be turned off during installation process. Site vibration, noise and dust Dust can cause skin irritation and eye irritation. Noise may harm ears.

Suitable gloves, glasses, goggles, ear defenders and dust masks to be worn.