Risk to meet those objectives? · What are

is something which you want to take, but keeping in mind certain notions before
any attempt.

Is it the perfect strategy that I am planning?

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When is it the right time to meet those

What are the key factors that needs to be
applied on those acquired ideas ?

Why am I believing  in this idea?

Willingness is a key element to pursue anything in life
whether it is your first walking step  or
riding a bicycle without grabbing its handle. Choice is always in your hand
but, ability to take risk in performing that particular task can define what
you want to be in life.

Experience is an integral part of any individual’s
personality, which helps to explore different self-acclaimed achievements  as well as notions of the society, liked or

This is our prime time and we all shouldn’t be afraid of
making mistakes, because willingness to take risks in life and ability to carry
the circumstances born with them  will
decide, where you want to go.

So, decision-making is an astonishing factor which came up
as a result of the combat between ability and willingness. It sums up the
process whether to take risks in life or wait for the perfect moment to achieve
the desired results.


                                         AGE? A
factor in decision making.


Now the argument can be held that is age playing an
important role in deciding the factors to take risk?

Let suppose a situation where a young person has the ability
to take risk in life but doesn’t have the willingness to do it will result in
poor outcome. On the contrary an experienced person with old age has the
willingness to take risk but certain notions block him in terms of ability can also
result in the same output.


Neither you have to be a Nate nor you wish to be a Chuck. The
epitome of success lies in the evaluation of self-growth and building an advanced
workspace around you with given resources and utilize them to the optimum level.

So, what can be the leisure of enjoying the desired results?

Your positive action should be combined with positive
thinking, which can help you achieve the desired results because as A.P.J Abdul
Kalam Sir quoted “Man need his difficulties because they are necessary
to enjoy his success”.