River out of Eden: The story of mankind made to perfection Essay

River out of Eden: The story of mankind made to perfection

Human life is a mystery that we are waiting to unfold. Not that it remains to be a mystery up to this point but because there are still many things that we should now about human life. How people were made, how life became possible. In the first chapter of River out of Eden entitled Digital River by Richard Dawkins, speciation was the main theme. He made use of the “digital river” metaphor to describe the speciation and the other events that is involve in the making of a human and species. Chapter 1 made used of the river metaphor to explain the speciation and the transformation of the animals into different species from just one origin. In short, Dawkins made use of the river metaphor to elaborate and illustrate speciation in order for the people to know and to understand what lies behind the evolution, transformation and making of a mammal and at the same time, to prove that speciation actually occurred.

Dawkins used river metaphor to elaborate and illustrate speciation

            In the first chapter of the book, the use of river metaphor did not simply talk about river literally but of flowing genes in a body. Focusing in the theory of Darwin, Dawkins illustrated how a certain flow brings new specie in the world. Also, it was mentioned how speciation happens in accordance with the theory. Starting the story by talking about ancestors, Dawkins was able to connect each mammal or animals and link them into the story of creation and evolution. River symbolized the journey of the genes and how these genes were separated from each other by naming the good ones and the bad ones. Hence, river became a tool in linking creation and perfection.

To know and to understand what lies behind the evolution, transformation and making of a mammal

            Although there was a separate story in the bible about the creation of man, women and even animals, science and technology does not settle on this one alone. Researches were made to prove that men and animals came from the same ancestors. It might not sound human or decent but in this regard, the field of science and technology came out with proofs of the similarity in ancestors and the new species. Tracing back this debatable issue comes from the theory of Darwin which suggests that all came from only one origin. We all have a common ancestor which started all the life on Earth. In this chapter, while describing the flow of the genes, steps or processes of “creation” were also mentioned. Selection of genes results into making better species from the last set of mammals. It was also mentioned that genes may not be compatible and so they separate paths which is more likely the start of forming specie.

To prove that speciation actually occurred

            In proving that such speciation really happened, Dawkins used Darwinism as basis for his observations and what he believes in. In the first place, Darwinism is the main theme of the book and in the first chapter, there was an emphasis on the creation and the formation of species through selection of genes. This part of the book pertains to the actual occurrence of the speciation which the author believes to happen. Using river, the journey of the genes was described and how the selection happens. The proofs were based on theories by Darwin. Several processes were elaborated to make this topic debatable and sensible. Though there was no direct explanation river and the flow of genes evaluated how speciation occurs in the body.

Perhaps everyone might find this book absurd especially when knowledge in science and technology were not enough or because there were limited lessons in school which pertains to evolution and almost all of the creation stories were based in bible. In this case, this book which talked about creation of mankind and earth lives was based on Darwinism and not in what the bible says. Richard Dawkins formed a story that might be classified fiction but the in the end, it all falls down in the use of the Darwin Theory. River corresponds into the flow of genes; on the other hand, Dawkins was successful in using river as metaphor and elaborating it so that the people will understand the process involved in creation and find out that there are proofs. The journey into perfection is never an easy way but in this case, the genes were the ones which determine what is good and what is bad. There was a need to make things a lot better and in this chapter, mankind and even other species were made to perfection. A lot better than the other.

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