Road can ill afford to lose . It

 Road accidents are among the top 10 causes of
death in the world. Transport system plays a very vital role in our life.
Everyone likes to travel  from one place
to another place or has to travel for work ,schooling ,business etc.

Vehicles are widely used
transport alternative & a  major
source of road traffic accidents. Because of road accidents the victims are not
able to come back to their home and have to spent time in hospitals.

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According to the World
Health Organization  report, every year
more than 1.25 million people now die on the world’s road and about 50 million
people are injured or disabled as a result of road traffic crashes.

Probably these figures
are an underestimation as all the cases are not registered.

Road traffic injuries
cause emotional, physical and economic harm. Road accidents consume massive
financial resources that countries can ill afford to lose . It is important to
estimate the cost of road traffic injuries to society.

In India, road traffic
accident has been one of the top ten causes of death. For example, in 2015, the
number of people killed by road traffic accident was equivalent to those who
died due to malarial throughout the country. 

Road traffic deaths and
injuries are one of the challenges of the country and livelihood of community
will get affected unless some steps are taken by the government and some
precautions are taken by the users.

An accident that occurs
on a way or street open to public traffic, results in one or more persons being
killed or injured, and at least one moving vehicle is involved.

Therefore, road traffic
accident is a collision between vehicles, between vehicles and pedestrians,
between vehicles and animals, or between vehicles and fixed obstacles.

The purpose of this
report, therefore, is to examine the trends & causes of road traffic
accidents in Bulandshahr.

Government at different
levels is responsible to ensure road safety. In low income countries due to
lack of resources or misuse of resources, , poor road networks like no  area for pedestrians or non-motorized
vehicles contribute to countless fatalities.

Government should enforce traffic laws and
regulations to control road accidents. One mistake  in law enforcement can lead to fatal

Infact  poor families are more likely than those
better off to lose their head of household and thus suffer immediate economic
effects as a result of road traffic injuries.

A fatal accident
in family means loss of earnings , medical bills, funeral bills ,psychological
pain etc.

Road traffic
injuries put significant financial strain on families. Many families are driven
into poverty by the cost of prolonged medical care, the loss of a family breadwinner
or the extra funds needed to care for people with disabilities.

Road crash
survivors, their families, friends and other caregivers often suffer adverse
social, physical and psychological effects


Traffic pattern and energy consumption plays an important
role in transportation system in Indian cities. Transport and
energy are closely related. Energy is a crucial constraint on transport and transport
is a major determinant of energy demand.

of the project is the set of desired findings to be achieved so as to cope with
the traffic related issues. This paper deals with existing traffic pattern and
emission in Bulandshahr and the latter study deals with the ways of minimizing
fuel consumption at all phases together with construction and operation of
traffic. . We are here facing a goal conflict between traffic
safety and environment, especially air pollution.


The purpose of this work is, at first, a general
overview on  the transportation system in
India outlining the related energy consumption with consequent estimated

The economic activity and population itself are the
key factors that determines energy demand in road transportation. Road
vehicle emissions are an important aspect of the life quality and

Theoretically, transport and energy are well
integrated. On one side, energy is a component of transport and on the other
side, transport is a key determinant of energy. This paper deals with the
reliable values of pollutant emissions in Bulandshahr, taking into account the
within-day variations of traffic conditions and parameters related to the
different state of vehicles.

Vehicle emission is a major cause of air pollution.
is thus essential to develop methods for estimating and quantifying the amount
of emitted air pollution, based on the vehicle driving patterns, in order to
find alternative solutions for the urban infrastructural design and traffic
management strategies.

Amount of road traffic pollution and fuel
consumption can be estimated by a variety of models and methods. The parameters
determining emission from vehicles –

Vehicular technology

Traffic management

 Road management

 Fuel quality









One important environmental effect of transport is
its contribution to atmospheric pollution. 
Each litre of fuel that is burnt produces, in very approximate terms

 100 grams of
carbon monoxide

 20 grams of
volatile organic compounds,

30 grams of oxides of nitrogen,

kilograms of carbon dioxide

and a variety of other emissions including lead
compounds, sulphur compounds and fine particles.