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Robert LaraMs.Herman APHUGS Per 319 December 2017 Religion     Religion is one of the most diverse topics on this planet. Religion varies on the what place on Earth your in. The beliefs in religion also vary by the beliefs that accompany them. Some religions are Monotheistic and others are Polytheistic while others are a way of life. There are many religions on this planet some have billions of followers while some might barely millions. The top two religions on Earth are Christianity and Islam each having over a billion followers. Shinto and Cao Dai are religions that are also on the top twenty religions in the world yet each one of these religions has about 4 million followers. Each religion in one way or another varies in their beliefs even if it’s very small each religion is different.    Zoroastrianism and Sikhism are all religions that are as well in the top twenty religions in the world by number of followers according to The Register from the United Kingdom. Jehovah’s Witnesses are a denomination in Christianity that have over 8.4 million followers and with all other denominations makes Christianity have whole lot followers. The Zoroastrianism religion has 2.6 million while the Sikhism religion has 26 million followers. . Zoroastrianism is an ancient religion that comes from Iran by a man named Zoroaster in 6th century BCE. Sikhism originated in the Indian subcontinent in the late 15th century. The origin of Jehovah’s Witnesses started in the late 19th century in Pennsylvania.  Most of these religions have existed for many centuries some taking form from other religions and branching out to become its own religion.  Zoroastrianism religion accompases set of beliefs that include dualism, humanity, and a god whose prophet’s name is Zoroaster. People who believe in this religion believe in that good always triumphs evil. A maxim the Zoroastrians have is “Good thoughts, Good words , Good deeds”. In this religion there are many customs they have that are now traditions for them. One tradition they have is at the age of seven Zoroastrians are a given a shirt called a sudreh and a cord called kusti. Then the Zoroastrians tie the cord around the shirt three times to remind themselves of the maxim “Good thoughts,Good words, and Good deeds”. Everyday after that they perform the same ritual several times everyday. Family and Community are very important in the Zoroastrianism religion. They believe that everyone should be helping out their community and making it better and being part of a family. The Zoroastrians believe in two variations of dualism Cosmic Dualism and Moral Dualism. Cosmic Dualism is the concept of  the universe ongoing battle of a good and and evil while Moral Dualism is the battle between good and evil inside people’s minds. Another belief they have is the they consider themselves as helpers to God instead of God’s children. Some taboos of the Zoroastrianism religion according to Jacob Shelton from the website “Ranker” masturbation is a taboo and for some Zoroasters it consider a very awful offense to the religion. The Zoroastrianism religion has a three major beliefs that include Dualism,humanity, and God as central parts of their religion   Jehovah’s Witnesses origins started in the late 19th century in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when a group of Bible students analyzing and studying different doctrines and learning what the Bible is actually teaching. They later published a journal called The Watchtower- Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Jesus Christ is  the founder of the religion because he created the Christian following. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that the Bible holds the best possible advice anyone can ask for. A tradition the Jehovah’s Witnesses have Baptisms that occur when the people have reached a responsible age and have made a decision to join the religion. Another tradition is going door to door to profess their religion called Evangelism. A taboo in this religion is having blood transfusions. Jehovah’s witnesses base their beliefs on 66 books from the Old Testament and the New Testament. They also believe that Jesus is the son of God but is not the almighty God, they don’t believe in the trinity like other Christian denominations. Jehovah’s witnesses don’t believe in Hell they believe when Judgement Day comes all the saved souls will go to heaven while the other souls are destroyed forever. According to an informational website about Jehovah’s witnesses called “”  it states “We do not venerate the cross or any other images” (“What Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Believe?” JW.ORG, Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t pray to paintings or statues of religious content because they believe in paintings or statues have holy values.     Sikhism religion started in 1500 CE in the Indian subcontinent. During this time this religion was very different compared to the other well established religions in the arealike Hinduism.The religion was started by Guru Nanak but became well-established with the fifth Guru called Guru Arjan. The Sikhs believe that God has no form or gender as well as they believe everyone is equal compared to God. The Sikhs also believe in reincarnation and a system of Karma that determines the quality of you’ll have. In this religion it is believed that there is about 8.4 million forms of life people can go through during reincarnation  before they merge to God which in this religion is named “Waheguru”. They as well have a form of the “Seven Deadly Sins” called the Five Vices which include lust, greed, attachment to objects of this world, pride, and anger. They believe if someone can overcome these vices they will reach liberation and merge with God. A tradition the Sikhs have is Diwali which celebrates the release of the sixth guru called “Guru Hargobind” from prison. Diwali is the “festival of lights” because many places are covered with oil lamps called “Diyas”. Diwali is also used by the Sikhs as a time of giving gifts and buying gifts as well. A taboo in this religion is smoking or drug taking. Another taboo in this religion is cutting hair ,Sikhs are to avoid cutting their hair.   Zoroastrianism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Sikhism are all religions that have a concept of a God who is all mighty and powerful. While each one consider God as the savior of mankind each one of these religions differ in their prophets and interpretation of what God is. Some of these religions like Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t believe that there is a hell while in the religion Sikhism there is no concept of  hell just reincarnation until you reach liberation where you meet God.  There many taboos in many religions but in these religions it’s varies. The Zoroastrianism religion and the Sikhism religion have taboos about food. Sikhism is the only religion from the given religions that believes in reincarnation. They believe the cycle will continue until the person reached liberation. The spread of these religion varies because Jehovah’s Witnesses was started in the United States and in this religion it’s encouraged to go door to door and preach their religion. While the Zoroastrianism religion and Sikhism religion spreaded throughout the Middle East and Asia. All of these religions promote living a happy life and helping others. These religions promote their believers to be happy and enjoy their lives. All of the given religions also don’t worship images or paintings that illustrate holy people because they believe God has no form and people should just pray to God.The differences between each of these religions is that they originated in separate parts of the world yet they all of them have the beliefs of an almighty God. These religions are different in several ways but these religions show their followers to be happy and to be good people.