Robot ASIMO Essay

Many of us grew up watching robots on TV and in movies. There was C3PO and R2D2 in Star Wars, WALL-E, and Bender in Furturama. The robots created today aren’t quite like the ones listed above. However there have been amazing advances in their technology. Honda, yes Honda the company which makes cars, has successfully created the most advanced humanoid robot. Today I will inform you on ASIMO-which is the name of Honda’s robot. The things you need to know about ASIMO is what it can do, its history, and its background like why it was made and what it looks like.

Now that we’ve established what I will be talking about, let’s go over ASIMO’s background. ASIMO was introduced on October 31st, 2000 and it had one goal-to help people. Honda wanted to create a robot that would help around the house, with the elderly and people with disabilities. ASIMO stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility because according to the ASIMO website it is the first humanoid robot to be able to walk independently and climb stairs. ASIMO weighs 114 pounds and is 4 feet and 3 inches high allowing it to help around the house like turning off lights or pulling a wheelchair.

It looks similar to a small astronaut wearing a big backpack. It also has indicator lights to show when it needs to be charged. The backpack stores the rechargeable battery that lasts for about one hour. Although it may be very useful to humans it takes about one million dollars to make one. Since ASIMO was built to help people, let’s move on to what it can do and how it benefits us. Let’s start off with its hands and arms. Honda has made ASIMO capable of holding your hand, opening doors, carrying trays, and pushing carts.

It also has sensors in its wrists that adjust the amount of pressure needed to carry, push, or hold something. ASIMO also has very stable legs and can walk and run up to 4 miles per hour. The important thing is that it walks just like we do. Even if you realize it or not, to walk we must shift our weight using our whole bodies to maintain balance which was very important in getting ASIMO to walk. Unless you know a lot about robots, you cannot understand how revolutionary this achievement was. Because it is able to walk like we do, this robot can walk up and down stairs without falling.

Another thing is its sensors which allow it to identify objects in its way. Furthermore, ASIMO has two cameras for eyes. This enables it to see and recognize objects and people. Through these cameras it can detect many objects, recognize faces and interpret hand motions. So for example if you were to raise your hand to indicate it to stop, ASIMO will stop. ASIMO also has ears which can recognize voice commands and noises coming from different directions. If called its name, it will turn to look at you and can also respond.

For example if you were to ask a question, ASIMO could answer with a nod or verbally. Although ASIMO is a very advanced robot, it wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the other robots made before it. The development of a humanoid robot began in 1986. At first Honda only focused on the legs and walking. Therefore in the beginning of the development, the robots looked like boxes with legs. The early models were named E1, E2, E3, and so on. After they fully achieved the walking mechanism Honda decided to add arms, hands, and a head.

The first humanoid robot, P1, was six feet and two inches and weighed 386 pounds. Honda wanted a friendlier looking robot so they made the robots more compact and smaller until eventually in 1997, ASIMO was made. Many of us probably didn’t know if we even had robots that were this advanced let alone know about ASIMO. However not only do you know now about ASIMO and its existence but its background information, how it was developed, and its capabilities. Many of us probably never will have enough money to buy one. But hopefully Honda will make ASIMO more affordable.

However it does make you wonder since Honda makes cars and robots, they can combine these two to make Transformers. Just a thought. Anyways, I hope that you are now informed about the most advanced humanoid robot, ASIMO. Thank you.

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