Role And Purpose Of The Accountant Today Accounting Essay

Tonss of companies ‘ proprietors ask inquiries about the demand of an comptroller. They normally say, they have invested 1000s of dollars on purchasing a computing machine and besides they have heard from person reliable that they can make their histories on the computing machine, alternatively of engaging comptrollers. In the yesteryear, when there is no computing machine, accountant collects all their bills, statement and entered all the information into the legers and prepared fiscal statement. As we know, come ining all the fiscal information into the legers is called book maintaining. Now we have computing machine for all that. It does n’t intend accountant halt at book maintaining.

Having a computing machine to make book maintaining aids, but a batch of work has to be done manually.


Accountant is the anchor of any concern, because comptroller has to manage the fiscal records of the company and fixing the fiscal statements, which is organised for the large determination shaper of the company. Accountant besides needs to supervise studies, gross revenues and an single public presentation with the company.The function of the accountant includes ;Record fiscal minutessRecording net incomesWagessPay axial rotationFixing hard currency flows, cost probeFixing profit/ budget markNet income and loss historyTax returnSupplier informationBusiness minutessRecord creditors/ debitorsThe comptroller has to do certain that all the disbursals of the company is used in the right topographic point, and classified chiefly in revenue enhancement ground. A good comptroller will ever hold a good cognition of which disbursals that, which disbursals are utile and which are non. Accountant besides knows that net income nonexempt and the net income that ‘s in companies account are different.Accountant may besides give advise on revenue enhancement issues sing the concern, and may be able to demo some ways of revenue enhancement economy.

Normally comptrollers are non revenue enhancement specializers ; they are merely salvaging their client money.Now twenty-four hours ‘s comptrollers are besides giving advice to their clients on pull offing concern in a right manner. They besides help concern in fixing histories for the bank. Some companies need loan organize the bank, so bankers surely have to look into the companies account, if accountant is satisfy and giving a just image to the company that they are satisfy with your history minutess, so banker will easy experience to see their loan application.Accountant besides helps companies on fixing their one-year hard currency flow prediction or budgeting, every bit good as agreement for fundss. They will besides assist companies ‘ info projecting hard currency that how much companies can acquire in the approaching months and where they have to put it, which can give excess income to their concern.


There are some illustrations of different comptrollers, who are working in different sectors.

CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT ;They are responsible for fiscal coverage, revenue enhancement, forensic accounting and corporate finance. Chartered comptrollers play a of import function by supplying professional advice for maximising profitableness. They work in different houses including, public houses, industry, public sector and authorities.Public Accountants:Public comptrollers are responsible for scrutinizing, revenue enhancement and confer withing their clients, normally they are from authoritiess, corporation, administration and persons.Examples:Public comptrollers concentrate on revenue enhancement affairs, such as reding companies on advantages and disadvantages of revenue enhancement. They are reding on employee wellness attention benefits, commanding precautions assets and fixing fiscal statements.

Public comptrollers by and large have their ain accounting concern. Some public comptrollers are specializers in forensic accounting. They are look intoing and disrupting such offenses as securities fraud, bank reptilians and money laundering. Forensic comptrollers have cognition of accounting and finance with jurisprudence and fact-finding techniques. They by and large work with jurisprudence enforcement personal and attorneies.MANAGEMENT Accountants:These comptrollers are responsible for entering and analyzing fiscal minutess, budgeting, public presentation rating, cost and assets direction. Usually direction comptrollers are portion of executive squad. They analyse and interpret the fiscal statement that corporate executives need to do like sounds concern determinations.

They besides prepare fiscal studies for non direction groups. Like creditors, regulative bureaus, stock holder. They may work in planning and cost playing.Government Accountants:These comptrollers plants in a public sectors keeping and analyzing the record of authorities histories and record of authorities histories and scrutinizing private concerns and single. Whose activities are capable to authorities regulations & A ; ordinances or revenue enhancement?Government comptrollers employed by federal, province and local authoritiess. There duty is to vouch that grosss are received and outgos are made in conformity to regulations and ordinance.

Those who are employed by federal authorities may work as gross service agent or In fiscal direction or in budget analyse.INTERNAL AUDITORS:Internal hearers are responsible for scrutinizing internal records and look into for miss direction waste or fraud in an administration. Internal auditing is progressively of import country of accounting and scrutinizing.

Internal hearers check and evaluate house, their fiscal and information system, direction processs and internal control to guarantee that records are realistic and controls are equal to protect their fraud and waste. Internal hearers review company operations, measuring their efficiency, effectivity, corporate policies and processs, Torahs and authorities ordinances.There are many types of extremely specialised hearers, and working in different sectors like technology, legal, authorities, bank and administrations hearers. Internal hearers besides control administration computing machine system to guarantee the dependability and unity of the informations.