Role Model Essay

Unit 3: Supporting Children – Task 1 P3. 1. Five ways in which I have been a positive role model towards the children are:- – Following the dress code – Positive attitude – Time keeping and attendance – Team work – And clear communication and appropriate language. These are all things that show the children that I am good role model for them to follow from my example in the future. P3. 2. To support my list of ways that I am a good role model are that I always show a positive attitude.

This is shown by me always being cheerful and friendly. I also always follow the appropriate dress code, as I am not allowed to wear jeans I wear black trousers so that I look smart. Furthermore I wear a t-shirt that has the college logo and says that I am a student on it so that the other staff and children know who I am. I am always on time as I make sure that I leave at the same time everyday so that I know that I will be there on time every morning. I have good attendance as I have been there every day.

I know how to work as a team and do this whilst on placement by working as a team to put up a display and to know what things need putting out for the next day which also when I need to have clear communication so that they understand what I am saying and also I need to listen to them to make sure that I understand what they have asked me to do. Another thing that I do to be a positive role model is that I use appropriate language whilst inside a professional environment.

This is essential so that the children do not pick up any bad habits that you may already have. These things that I do to positive role model are things that my supervisor also supports and also gave me other suggestions in which I have been a positive role model are things such as being approachable and understanding to different situations, cheerful and friendly and aware of other people’s feelings.

I would also support these points as would say that i am always cheerful and even if I am happy inside I try to show it on the outside so that the children don’t know that something is wrong. I would also hope that I seem approachable so that the children can come and speak to me if there is a problem and that the staff feels as though they can ask to me to do anything.